What the client asked for

This company came to us as they were looking to upgrade their old toilet area and required a space which made their users feel comfortable and used throughout the years. After contacting our team for a free consultation and quick discussion about their plans, Inspired Washrooms knew exactly what direction to take and had plenty of inspiration from past projects.

The washrooms needed to fit into the surrounding environment, appropriate for all users. Ashfield extrusions also wanted top-of-the-range equipment which was easy to use and durable. These accessories, followed by a classic aesthetic, resulted in a modern and simple space which is easily maintained and up to date in terms of design work.

What we achieved

Once the Inspired Washrooms team and Ashfield Extrusions decided on a final design, we began to plan and implement our visions.

The final colour scheme of this washroom was subtle yet stylish and classic yet up-to-date. Using tones such as creams, grey and browns, we opted for a full tile fit-out as this offers practicality, good insulation and an all-around clean feel. We also included our famous pre-plumbed IPS units to fit into the minimal approach. The washroom was fitted with multiple toilet cubicles, a spacious vanity unit, urinals, modern accessories and electrical lighting.

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Key Solutions Included

  • Toilet cubicles
  • Vanity units
  • Stainless steel hardware
  • Urinals
  • Ceramic wash basins
  • IPS units
  • Hardware flooring and walls