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Vibrant Toilets For Schools

School Toilet Refurbishments

We specialise in the design and refurbishment of school toilets to create vibrant spaces.

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School Toilet Refurbishment Across The UK

School Toilet Design

When it comes to the design of a school toilet or college washroom, there’s a common theme amongst our clients of youthfulness and practicality.

When designing your school toilets, our team will work with you to create your desired space, utilising high-quality materials and resources. Our team of designers are also aware of all the user friendly functions needed for a school setting. By introducing features such as auto-stop taps, toilet cubicles, IPS units, touch-less flushes and spacious vanity units, our school toilet designs provide a safe, hygienic place for students, staff and visitors. Inspired Washrooms also have access to a wide range of colour schemes, splash mirrors and finishing details to make the space unique to your school and community. We cover the whole of the UK including Birmingham, Nottingham, Leicester and London!

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Custom School Cubicles

Our school cubicle designs can cater to all your needs, with safety, style and practicality considered throughout. These cubicles can can advanced or as simple as you like, with accurate planning done beforehand to get measurements right the first time. Our school cubicles are typically finished with a coloured coating to avoid vandalism, mess and hygiene issues.

Our custom education washrooms come with efficient IPS units installed, easy lock systems, hard flooring and an aesthetic of your choice. The team are also dedicated to providing a space that every student, staff member or visitor use. Our disabled/accessible toilets come with all the equipment required, with accurate planning for space, positioning and accessibility.

Not Just School Toilets

You’ll benefit from our ability to plan projects well in advance, meaning work can be completed during school holidays. Couple this with our turn-key service and you get a completely stress-free school toilet refurbishment service. All of our staff are DBS checked if you do require any work to be completed when children are at school and we can work with you for any additional checks if necessary.

The main reason schools choose us for their toilet refurbishment projects is our inventive nature and the creativity we bring to the table. We want your school to have toilets that stand out and, as well as look great, operate with efficiency to deliver cost savings.

We also offer an extended care and maintenance package which offers fast access to our fitting team when you need it, meaning that in the event of a child blocking a toilet or any other unexpected incident, you can get back up and running quickly.

Free advice

We’re more than happy to give you some free advice about the needs of your school. Ask us anything that you’re unsure of and we’ll do our best to help!

Stand Out Designs

We want to create school toilets that look great and stand out from the ordinary. You’ll benefit from our in-house creativity.

Stress free

We know that it’s hard enough working in a school, so we want to make this element of it as stress free as possible. Simply agree on a design and we’ll just get on with it!

Do you want some free advice about your washroom project? We’ll be happy to help!

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