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Washrooms refurbishment for Chadsmead School

School washrooms is what we do best, so when Chadsmead School contacted us for a washroom refurbishment, we knew exactly what to do! The staff and members at the school wanted a fresh, usable and fully functioning space for everyone to use, including high-quality spec, aesthetic finishings and accessibility for all. So that’s exactly what we did.

What the client asked for

The team at Chadsmead School were after a modern space for their students, staff and visitors which included all the key features of any school washroom. Making sure to highlight everything they required, the school had clear visions about the look and finishings they wanted as these facilities were to last for years to come. To fit into the surrounding areas and be child appropriate, they wanted to space which was colourful, bold and bought a friendly feel. They also wanted to make sure the best fixtures and accessories were used including our vanity units, IPS units, urinals, sink basins and accessories. The school also requested the inclusion of urinals and an accessible toilet as inclusivity was really important.

What we achieved

Once our design and fitters had clear communication with the client, they got to work with gathering materials, making plans and creating a final vision which everyone loved. We decided on colour schemes, material types, flooring, plumbing systems and everything in between which all came together to create a high-functioning area that everyone can utilise throughout the day.

At the end of the project, Inspired Washrooms had designed and installed a modern washroom decorated with bright walls, easy wipe flooring, white fixtures and easy-to-use accessories including hand soap, push taps, toilet roll holders, easy lock doors, IPS units and of course, splash mirrors for a childish touch! These finishings come together to create an area that all ages can use comfortably whilst also looking neat, tidy and easily maintained. Our team also designed and installed urinals which fit into the surrounding space. The accessible toilet we created had a slightly more tonal look as it included more fixtures and accessories such as support rails and alarm systems.

Key Solutions Included

Accessible toilet refurbishment

It’s important for schools to be inclusive and cater to everyone needs, that’s why we we’re proud to be refurbishing a disabled toilet for this local schools. We were asked to install a modern accessible toilet that can be used by anyone with all the appropriate accessories to make the user comfortable and supported. This meant strategic placement of facilities and an up to date setup of everything that someone may need in there including a pull alarm and wall rails.

If you’re looking to refurbish or install an accessible toilet in your school, workplace or office, get in touch with our team and we can get planning!

Push taps and soap dispensers

The addition of gorgeous fixtures and fittings meant that we were able to create a bespoke style that worked perfectly with the colour schemes. One item that the client did ask for was push taps and easy to use soap dispensers and hygiene is crucial in a school washroom. Not only do these taps offer a great eco-friendly advantage due to the fact that they stop automatically after use, but they also help to lower the chances of spreading germs as contact is limited. The soap dispensers are also easily accessible and right next to the vanity unit to they can’t go un-missed!


Bespoke vanity units

Our vanity units can be designed and finished in a variety of different styles. Whether you’re after separate sinks or one large basin, our bespoke units are practical and unique. For many school washrooms, we finish our vanity units with easy to use hygiene stations and also splash mirrors. Vanity units are typically finished with IPS units as this offers a safe and tidy solution to a washroom refurbishment. These areas of a facility are typically used the most as they’re not only used after going to the toilet but may also be used to wash hands, freshen up or even socialise. That’s why they need to be made up of the highest quality equipment and be easily maintained on a daily basis.

“Chadsmead School is a delight to work with, everyone on the team over there is polite, flexible and super accommodating. We’re really happy with the final refurbishment and happy we were able to offer such a wide variety of solutions.”

Chris Kightley, Inspired Washrooms

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