What the client asked for

Looking to upgrade their toilet area, County Linen was looking for a simple yet stylish place for visitors and staff to feel comfortable. After contacting our team of professionals for a free consultation and project visions, Inspired Washrooms got straight to work. If you’re looking to refurbish your washrooms, changing rooms or toilet facilities please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Looking for a clean, professional look, the main purpose for this toilet space was to create a traditional look which fit into the surrounding working conditions. Including simple surfaces and natural tones, we managed to design an area which reflected the business and would look stylish for years to come.

What we achieved

We had several discussions about what design approach we would be going for and what equipment to use to ensure the end project was going to be exactly what County Linen expected. Once the plans were finalised, our team got straight to it.

We decided on a natural aesthetic, incorporating timeless colours such as brown, grey and wooden-like finishings. Not only is this a contemporary style, but it’s also timeless and won’t require updates. By using high-quality materials and definitive finishings, the washroom we created included wooden panels, practical flooring, white and silver hardware and practical devices for all to use.

Key Solutions

  • Electrical heating
  • Support rail
  • Wooden accents
  • Natural lighting
  • Hand dryers
  • Lock doors
  • Practical flooring
  • Urinal stations