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Ellis Guildford School Nottingham

School Washroom Refurbishment

A practical yet stylish toilet refurbishment for Ellis Guildford School

A toilet refurbishment not only brings a new look, but can also bring staff, children and visitors together.

Inspired Washrooms provide schools across the UK with high-quality resources, materials and professional services. Offering expertise in primary schools, secondary schools, academies and colleges, Inspired Washrooms work together to improve local communities and create a fun-filled space.

What the school asked for

Like many of our school clients, Ellis Guildford School needed something vibrant for their male and female toilet cubicles. After contacting us and discussing their wants and needs, we worked with their staff to design and plan a child-friendly, modern and functional washroom area.

The main refurbishment process of this project included transforming the older toilets, and creating a colourful place which reflects the children and school values. With plenty of experience in School Toilet Refurbishments, we had a variety of ideas and experience to go off, meaning there were plenty of briefs to choose from. Once the school and design team agreed on a final look, it was time to get started!

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What we achieved

There is a common theme within school toilets which many of our clients opt for. This includes bright colours, a unisex approach, easy-to-use functions and sturdy materials which last. The space provided was larger compared to a lot of our recent projects, with plenty of floor room to go with. The team and school decided to go down the colourful but mature route. Combining aspects such as an accent wall with wooden finishes in order to appeal to all the students.

Our team also offers flexible working hours and understands the need to keep area’s clean and safe, considering not just the washrooms but the rest of the school also. Our team will clean up any mess caused and also understand the importance of health and safety within a school environment.

Incorporating a modern yet playful feel, this set of toilets is both simple and stimulating. We created a bold space of cubicles and vanity units, complete with staple silver hardware and practical flooring.

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Key Solutions

  • Water proof flooring
  • Hand dryers
  • Bespoke vanity units
  • Wooden finishings
  • Electrical (lighting)
  • Painting
  • Plumbing
  • IPS units

School Toilet Cubicles

With reliable experience and a passionate team, Inspired Washrooms understand a school project must meet the needs of a range of people. Whilst the client have access to a variety of modern features, when it comes to school projects, function is key. Some of the special additions we added to Ellis Guildford School were : sink storage, easy press taps, electrical hand dryers, easy flush systems and covid safety products. 

We also provide an option of custom designs. Inspired Washrooms were able to contribute to the outer space of the washroom and provide the school with an easy navigation system.

Don’t hesitate to contact us if you are interested in any of these. Call us on 0115 811 4242

School Vanity Units

As well as the school toilet cubicles, the vanity units were also a key part of this project. Not only did the team build a spacious, stylish area, we also included built in IPS panels to maintain both hygiene and pipework.

The vanity units were designed with a bold colour block behind, finished with a glistening coating for a high quality aesthetic. Our team also fitted a full length mirror, silver hardware, multiple tap stations and touch-less hand dryers to the side.

Disabled School Toilet

Inspired Washrooms also provide all the equipment and facilities needed for a disabled toilet cubicle. Ellie Guildford School, like the rest of our clients, required a disabled toilet for their students, staff and visitors. This cubicle offered a much greater floor space, decorated with a bold colour wall, wooden panel to the back and internal heater.

To offer easy function and safety, this cubicle also comes with multiple support handles, an automated hand dryer, easy flush and easy pull tap handle.

“This project was the perfect example of making a school toilet modern yet playful. We optimised the space and included all features which the school asked for.”

Chris Kightley, Inspired Washrooms

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