Washroom Refurbishment for Fastlight Ltd

A recent commercial washroom refurbishment project for Fastlight Ltd who needed two washrooms and a kitchenette area. We finished the project ahead of schedule and to a fantastic standard.

Previously an old storage room with a hand basin, We’ve been able to transform this space into a long lasting washroom that looks amazing!

Duncan Jones, Director at Fastlight Ltd, contacted us through our form on the website. In their initial email, Mr Jones explained exactly what they’d like from us and wanted our team to quote for their commercial washroom refurbishment. We were more than happy to offer them the best quote possible and they accepted!

What they needed

Mr Jones wanted our expert team to go into their current washrooms/ kitchenette area revamped and refurbished into a space that they can be proud of. Due to the fact that we have amazing working relationships with suppliers, we were able to get amazing commercial materials and features and give them to Fastlight Ltd for the best price possible.

After speaking with Mr Jones at Fastlight Ltd, we knew that they wanted Safety flooring, Compact grade cubicles, suspended ceiling, IPS units and much more. We were also told that this commercial washroom should be designed and built in such a way as to promote longevity. They needed this washroom to last a long time. Confident that we could match the expectations we got to work.

“From my initial website inquiry to the work being completed all aspects were carried out in a professional and timely manor. Having our 2 washrooms and kitchen area refurbished i was aware this was a new company but the job was finished a day earlier than agreed and i am very pleased with the end result.”

Duncan Jones, Director at Fastlight Distributors

Amazing Vanity Units

A vanity unit can make or break a washroom refurbishment which meant that we had to be very careful. the wrong style or colour and it might just look odd. Luckily, we have an expert design team that helped curate and implement successful designs while working closely with the client.

Commercial trough units

We make sure that with each and every one of our projects, we use commercial-grade materials, products and fixtures. We do this because they last longer, look premium and can help to develop the style you’re going for.

With that in mind, this rugged yet elegant trough unit works perfectly in creating a modern, contemporary feel while maintaining functionality and strength.


Commercial Toilet IPS Units

As with most of our projects, IPS (integrated panel system) units worked perfectly for creating the sleek look that we wanted to achieve.

Using these IPS units, we’re able to hide the plumbing while leaving it to be accessible in the future just in case access is needed.

Commercial Fixtures

These gorgeous taps and fixtures really tie the whole room together. The modern feel of a push-activated tap promotes a sense of high-quality while helping the establishment save money in the long run. This is due to the fact that push-activated taps will turn off after a certain amount of time… There is no room for human error and leaving it on!

The polished finish makes it really easy to clean too with smooth curves and a compact design.

Our thoughts

“This project was a lovely one to take on. Not only did we have two washrooms to install, but we also got the chance to upgrade the kitchenette area too. The client, Fastlight Ltd and Duncan Jones was a pleasure to work with and we’re happy to say that we finished the job earlier than expected too. with a keen eye for detail, this earlier finish didn’t affect the final result and everything was up to scratch.”

Chris Kightley, Inspired Washrooms

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