Idsall School washroom & school toilet refurbishment

Idsall School is a gorgeous site in Shifnal, Shropshire. They were ready for a modern refresh for their school toilets and so they came to us. Read on to find out how we helped them.

Idsall School realised that their old school toilets were in need of a little update and refresh. After looking around they found us and loved our previous work and were excited to get in touch. Even though they’d gathered a few quotes they chose us for our personable approach and professional services.

What the client wanted

Idsall School reached out through our website and after seeing their initial email, we jumped into action. After a few emails back and forth we organised a phone call and got to know them a little better. Their school toilet refurbishment project sounded really interesting, and as soon as we started talking, we were bouncing ideas back and forth to get the right idea.

They had an idea of what they were after but gave us the creative freedom to curate and come up with a few designs for them. After our call, we were able to create designs that our clients loved. After presenting them and further conversations we finalise the design and got ready for the work!

Idsall school were looking for a lovely modern twist for their washroom, it needed to be stylish but functional, which is something that we specialise in. The school wanted a space that could be easily maintained and cleaned so that they could keep everything tidy and help to protect against the spread of germs.

They also asked for a darker colour scheme which is very on-trend at the moment. However, we needed to pair this with a lighter colour in order to keep the space looking large and airy. This, paired with bright lighting situated at around 6000 Kelvin, made sure that the space looked just right.

What we achieved

The finished school toilet is an amazing space that we’re really proud of. Working with such a large space meant that we had a lot of room to play with. But using a darker colour to draw the room in slightly helped us to create a space that looked just right.

With a number of commercial fixtures and fittings, we were able to finish the school toilet with a premium feel and that helped to tie in all aspects of the refurbishment. We also wanted to make sure that the toilet would be safe even if the floor was wet, with that in mind we used a waterproof safety flooring that helps to enhance grip underfoot to keep people upright.

The client also wanted to make sure that they had an accessible toilet so that those with disabilities are facilitated and catered too as well. this type of inclusive outlook in important not only morally but legally too. Certain establishments that meet the criteria must have accessible toilets on site.

Key Solutions Included

  • Safely flooring
  • PVC cladding
  • Compact grade laminate cubicles
  • Bespoke vanity units
  • IPS (integrated panel systems)
  • Electrical (lighting)
  • Painting
  • Plumbing

Accessible/ disabled toilets

It’s important for schools to be inclusive and cater to everyone needs, that’s why we were glad to be refurbishing a disabled toilet for Idsall School on this project.

They asked us to make sure that we could install a modern accessible toilet that can be used by anyone. This meant strategic placement of facilities and an up to date setup of everything that someone may need in there.

Push taps

The addition of gorgeous fixtures and fittings meant that we were able to create a bespoke style that worked perfectly with the colour schemes. One item that the client did ask for was push taps.

Not only do these taps offer a great eco-friendly advantage due to the fact that they stop automatically after use, but they also help to lower the chances of spreading germs as you don’t have to turn them off after you’re done.

Why not enquire about a washroom fit out with us? There’s no pressure, just an easy personable approach to your new washroom. give us a call on 0115 811 4242 and let’s just have a chat.

Safety flooring

One of the big things that we always talk to our clients about is the use of safety flooring. This type of flooring offers more grip so that you’re less likely to slip, especially if the floor itself is wet.

It’s often an overlooked aspect of a washroom refurbishment but it really shouldn’t be! If you don’t have the proper measures in place, you could be opening yourself up to a potential lawful problem down the line.

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“Idsall School is a delight to work with, everyone on the team over there is polite, helpful and really accommodating. I can’t thank them enough for choosing to partner with us for their school toilet refurb’ and we look forward to working with them again in the future.”

Chris Kightley, Inspired Washrooms

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