Washroom refurbishment at Lincoln Bowl

Another fantastic toilet refurbishment and fit out, this time for Lincoln Bowl. A colourful upgrade to their old toilets creates a fantastic exciting environment.

Not so long ago, the team over at Lincoln Bowl realised that they needed to give their toilets a bit of a facelift. This meant that they were looking for a full commercial toilet refurbishment that suits their needs. That’s where we come in!

What the client wanted

Andrew Turner at Lincoln Bowl started searching around for someone to help them with their commercial toilet needs, after talking to a few others, they found us. We got their initial enquiry and jumped straight on it. After a few emails back and forth we arranged a good time to call to get to know what exactly they’re looking for. We found out that the team over at Lincoln Bowl we’re looking for in their commercial toilet refurbishment and got started on the designs.

We were asked to create a fun environment with bold colours that stands out and accentuates the playful, joyful nature of Lincoln Bowl. We were able to bring a number of colours to the table in our designs so that Lincoln Bowl had a few options to choose from. Working closely with them, we were able to cultivate a list of specifications that were a necessity.

The washroom needed to be efficient and eco-friendly, it had to be bold and bright and overall, a nice modern style. After getting to know exactly what they needed we were able to start designing the space.

What we achieved

The finished project looks amazing, incorporating the right colours, commercial fixtures and bright lighting we’re all very happy with the end result.

We were able to deliver exactly what Andrew was asking for and even offer a few extra that he loved. The addition of sensor taps means that the washroom can be as eco-friendly as possible by saving water and money in the long run. The added bonus of touchless interactions means that the potential of spreading germs is lessened too.

We made sure that each and every fixture and fitting is suited to a commercial environment so that they’re long lasting and look amazing.

“A massive thank you to Chris and his team at Inspired Washrooms. From start to finish everything has been done in a professional way which has resulted in a fantastic new look for two of our toilet facilities. As a Company, we look forward to working with Inspired Washrooms again in the future.”

Andrew Turner, Lincoln Bowl

Key Solutions Included

  • Safely flooring
  • PVC cladding
  • Compact grade laminate cubicles
  • Bespoke vanity units
  • IPS (integrated panel systems)
  • Electrical (lighting)
  • Painting
  • Plumbing

Disabled toilet design & baby changing

Lincoln Bowl knows that they need to be inclusive to anyone who may walk through their doors, so we were tasked with designing a disabled toilet that also features a baby changing facility.

This all means that they’re able to cater to as many people as they can which is the right thing to do. So, whether you need a full washroom refurb’ or just a disabled toilet refresh and installation, get in touch.

Give us a call on 0115 811 4242 and let’s get started.

Sensor taps

These gorgeous sensor taps are a fantastic addition to any washroom or toilet. Saving water means saving money which is ideal for everyone.

By utilising sensor taps Lincoln Bowl can reduce their water usage and help to prevent the spread of germs through reduced touchpoints. They’re also a stylish, modern touch that brings a premium feel to the wash basins.

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“Another fantastic washroom to work on! Between our expertise and Andrew’s direction, we were able to create just what Lincoln Bowl needed. The bold colours and attention-grabbing designs help to promote a great level of energy and fun through the bowler’s experience. We’re excited to work with Lincoln Bowl again when they need us on any project they might have!”

Chris Kightley, Inspired Washrooms

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