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Hand Sanitiser Dispenser

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Free Standing Sanitiser Dispenser (Covid19) 

Free standing, no-touch hand sanitiser dispensers are one of the best ways to protect yourself and those around you form the threat of the spread of germs. With that in mind, we’re glad to be supplying a range hand sanitiser dispensers whether you’re in need of a commercial washroom refurbishment or you just need a set of no-touch hand sanitiser/ soap dispensers

No-Touch Soap Dispenser

Our range of dispensers can also be used to supply soaps too. Due to the versatile nature of our dispensers, you’re able to use both hand sanitiser and soap to make sure that users don’t have to touch the dispenser when trying to clean their hands. This is ideal because if every person has to touch the dispenser, they’ll collect germs which will spread from person to person.

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Detailed Designs

Each of the designs that we have shown here is detailed and precise, once manufactured they’ll suit any environment. So, get in touch today while stocks last.

Hygienic & Safe

Protecting the people that use your commercial washroom is important. So, having fewer touchpoints as possible will aid in your efforts. With no-touch dispenser, you can keep people safe.

Hand Sanitiser Stations

If you work in a school, office, hospital or any other commercial setting, you need to make sure that your staff are safe and well through their time at work. A great way to do this is to make sure that you’re setting up sanitiser stations around the workplace so that employees, students and anyone else can use them to disinfect and clean their hands.

Automatic Sanitiser Dispensers

Through the use of automatic sanitiser dispensers, you may be able to help slow down and decrease the spread of germs and harmful bacteria. This is such an important part of bringing people back to the workplace if you’re in the mists of putting together a plan/ policy.

Touch-free dispensers are a great solution to keep people safe and make sure that everyone is happy to use it. Ther is no cross-contamination which is ideal. It’s quick and easy to use as you walk past which is great for workflow and can help to develop a good habit to get into.
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