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Tailored hospital washroom refurbishment and fit outs

Hospital Washrooms

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Bespoke Healthcare & Hospital washrooms

With a great love for the NHS and any of other healthcare institutes willing to protect and save people’s lives, we love to work with healthcare professionals to washroom design and refurbish their washrooms and toilets so that they’re fit for purpose. Understandably, healthcare and hospital washrooms need to be functional, reliable and easily maintained with little effort needed. That’s why we do everything we can to cater to the individual needs of the hospital for each refurbishment we do.

Based in Nottingham, we’re ideally located to serve hospitals across the UK, making sure that everyone is comfortable in their stay while being treated. We also appreciate that some toilets may need to be adapted to suit a specific type of patient and so we’re also able to tailor-make elements and implement specialist features that a hospital may require. We provide services nationwide including areas such as Derby, Leicester and Birmingham but even if you’re outside these locations, do still get in touch!

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Bespoke hospital toilets

We understand that you might need a toilet with custom parameters, tailored apparatus’ or just a normal washroom with cubicles for those visiting loved ones and friends. With that in mind, we’re able to design your toilet cubicles and washrooms to suit your needs, whether it’s a private patient washroom, a visitors toilet or public cubicle. Your hospital toilet will be well equipped with supportive features, hygiene accessories, easy to read signage and practical finishings to ensure a safe, clean and well designed result.

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Specialist features and fixtures

Knowing how many people are likely to use a hospital washroom, it needs to be long-lasting, easy to clean and have a great solution for maintenance. Most healthcare toilets that you see use pre-plumbed IPS units. These units create a safe and practical space which avoid any piping or electrical hazards. Pre-plumbed IPS units are integrated panel systems that protect any plumbing or potentially harmful fixtures behind a set of locked panels. This makes it easier for maintenance but also speed up the installation process with a pre-plumbed solution.

During the planning process, you can also let our designers and installers know of any specialist additions you may need including disabled access and support.

Hospital washroom design

Hospital washrooms are typically kept minimal, simple and to brand. The main priority when it comes to a hospital washroom is hygiene and function, so our design team will work with you to design and plan a space which reflects your hospital values whilst also providing a safe space for staff, visitors and patients. A bathroom’s design and layout becomes more important in the healthcare environment where patient mobility is restricted or monitored. Our design process will include all aspects from fixtures and hardware to flooring and mirror placements. If you’re a small healthcare surgery or local hospital looking for a washroom refurbishsment, get in touch with our team on 0115 811 4242 and we can get started!

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