One of the biggest things to consider when it comes to any washroom is privacy. Not only is providing adequate privacy part of the law, but it is also crucial for keeping employees, customers and the public safe, ensuring that those using your facilities feel safe and relaxed. Whether it’s for your home, a school, workplace or community space, there are a range of things you can do to improve washroom privacy and create a comfortable experience.

Full-length fixtures

When building or designing a washroom, considering full-length fixtures is a great way to ensure your visitors are getting full privacy in terms of cubicles and toilet space. Full-length fixtures typically reach the ground and sometimes the ceiling also, meaning there are no gaps at the bottom or the top of the cubicle.

Blinds, shutters and shades

No matter how big the window frame is in your washroom, it is still one of the most important parts to consider if you need to increase privacy, and one of the easiest ways to do this is to install some sort of blind or cover. Many washrooms that are built internally might not have any windows at all, however, those that do, are being exposed to the outside world and may be left open for ventilation or could be placed in a position that others can see into.

Film and privacy windows

Applying privacy film on windows is ideal for commercial buildings or for those spaces that don’t or can't install curtains or blinds. Privacy film is applied directly to the surface of the existing glass which allows you to frost the glass either all the time or with the click of a button. There are a range of different films available, some with patterns and some with a classic frost finish. Many of these films also allow you to see out, but the outside can’t see in.

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Smart glass

Similar to privacy film, smart glass is a modern solution which allows you to control what the window glass looks like and how much privacy it provides. This typically comes with a button or remote control that will allow you to choose the frost level on your window. For example, some office spaces might need more privacy but can’t install covers due to ventilation and also still want a sense of natural lighting. The smart glass allows you to customise your window and change the finish depending on your needs.

Positioning of your windows

If none of these options suits your needs, moving the position of your windows or considering this throughout a refurbishment is an obvious answer. Not only does this allow your washroom to have natural ventilation and sunlight, but it will also mean the windows at placed at a point of restricted view, providing privacy and safety for users.

Glass blocks

Glass blocks have been around since the early 1900s and are popular as they let in light but inside the space cannot be seen and vision is distorted. These blocks allow light to come in but are built like a brick wall with mortar with a thicker and cloudy-looking finish.

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Door locks

A standard procedure for creating washroom privacy is to install door locks. Allowing users to lock their cubicles from the inside. Not only do you need to ensure that these are installed in the first instance, but you will also need to keep an eye on them regularly to ensure they are working properly and safely.