When designing a washroom for your commercial building, hospital or school - safety and efficiency are undoubtedly top of your priorities. But that doesn’t mean there isn’t room to inject some personality too! As an example, educational centres may choose extremely bright, fun colours for their IPS units. Or, you could opt for washroom colours that match your company branding scheme.

As we move into 2021, now is the time to get creative and reimage your washroom space. Here are some of the upcoming trends we expect to see to give you some ideas.

The Return Of Marble

It could be argued that the marble/marble effect never really went away as it’s always been incredibly popular. But in 2021, we should all expect to see more of it in regular bathroom designs as well as washroom designs. The thing about marble is it has neutral colours and a subtle effect - rather than a bold pattern that would soon look dated. This means it can be paired with practically any other style or colour and somehow always still works.

So, when you want a timeless look that offers plenty of flexibility, marble is the way to go. At the same time, marble effect tiles or flooring can jazz up a plain white wall, without being too loud. Instead, think sleek and stylish.

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Extended Vanity Units

It’s imperative that guests can wash their hands in your washroom. The trouble with individual sinks, is they take up lots of room and can get pretty crowded. Extended vanity units, on the other hand, can stretch the whole length of the wall with ease. They can also be built to incorporate automatic soap dispensers and hand dryers - eliminating the need for additional touchpoints. Such a design will also ensure fewer water droplets on the floor too.

White Lightning

Lighting in a washroom can make a huge impact on its overall appearance. The colours of the units and even the wall colours will look different, depending on the colour of the lighting you use. We’re taking inspiration from Lightnet in 2021 who make architectural lighting in a variety of light spectrums. In particular, white lighting (3000K-6500K) is where it’s at.

For context, when lighting a video for YouTube, you’d want to achieve a lighting colour that helps mimic daylight or shows detail in extreme clarity. Although washrooms are a little different to a film studio, even a small flash of white light (such as an illuminated mirror) can make the ambience much more appealing. So it’s time to get rid of that flickering yellow strip lighting for 2021.

Just because grey is all the rage, that doesn’t mean you can't still mix up your colour palette! A designer washroom can be super sleek or have wonderful pops of colour.

IPS units, in particular, are very easy to customise, and can either be all one colour or multicoloured. If anything, 2021 is about bringing optimism to the scene, and there’s no better way to do that than with colour!

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