When installing a new washroom or redesigning an existing one, it pays to think about the aspects that will give the best user experience. Washrooms are one of the most utilised areas of any building, therefore need to cater to all users equally.

As leading washroom installers in the UK, here are our thoughts on what makes a good washroom.


It goes without saying that a top priority of any washroom is to keep it hygienically clean as well as tidy. This may require you to hire a washroom assistant who will conduct regular cleans and checks of the washroom. At the very least, you will need a cleaner to maintain the space at least once a day.

You also have to consider whether the age of your washroom is preventing thorough cleaning due to wear and tear. Likewise, too many touchpoints create additional work making it more difficult to thoroughly sanitise each surface.

As well as upgrading your washroom, you can install various motion sensor elements including touchless flushing and touchless taps to keep things clean.

Ease of use

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Washrooms should be simple to use so that people can do what they need to do without hassle or confusion. A poor example of ease of use is washroom toilet doors that do not lock properly, or taps that do not have temperature control, meaning the hot water that has the potential to scold people. In a washroom that’s been badly designed or installed, the list can go on.

Such issues range from a mild inconvenience to something potentially very dangerous and aren’t putting the user experience first. Any niggles need to be identified and rectified at the first instance by your facilities manager.

Also consider those with impairments including with their mobility, vision or hearing who may require adjustments so that they can use your washroom safely and with dignity.

See: Disabled access toilet refurbishment.

Catering to meet demand

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Nobody likes queuing for the toilet, especially if there is only one toilet and a long line of patrons. Not only is waiting frustrating (especially for busy commuters as an example), but there are some people who may lack the ability to wait, including those with bladder or bowel-related conditions.

So if you genuinely want to give the best experience for your users, you need to make sure the space can cater for the usage levels it will receive.

These days washrooms can be catered to different genders or be gender-neutral. An advantage of not assigning a gender to a washroom is that not only does it fit with the changing attitudes of society, but also it means that you won’t face an imbalance of demand. Such a design is also suitable for buildings that lack the space to have traditionally separate washrooms.

Welcoming Atmosphere

Granted, visiting a washroom isn’t exactly the same as checking into the Ritz. However, the environment should still feel safe, clean and most importantly welcoming. This can be achieved by using a stylish colour palette, plenty of lighting and offering adequate ventilation.

Washrooms that haven’t had much care or attention over the years certainly show it. If your washroom is part of your business or is housed within a public building, then this is even more reason to make sure your facilities are on point. After all, as the saying goes ‘you’re only ever as good as your toilets!’.

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