Like all areas of your building, over time maintenance will need to be carried out to your washroom to make sure the facility is up to scratch. Undoubtedly, your washroom will be one of the most used areas of the property, regardless of whether you’re a school, healthcare facility, restaurant or a general business.

If you’re not sure whether your provisions have had their day, here are 5 signs your washroom needs an upgrade to tell you more.

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1. It’s Not Actually A Washroom

Not all offices or public buildings are purpose-built, especially if you’ve only recently moved into the premises. Sometimes, your place of work can be a converted house or even a warehouse – something far removed from what the building is being used for now. If the building has standard toilets that are designed for residential instead of commercial or public use, then it’s likely unsuitable. As well as health and safety concerns, it’s likely the toilet facilities aren’t eco-friendly either, let alone accessible.

For example, do you know how many toilets a workplace should have? Installing a washroom that is fit for the current building use should be of priority, for the safety and comfort of all those who use it. Having dedicated facilities for each gender cannot be underestimated either. Likewise, for restaurants, accessible as well as baby changing facilities will be expected by your customers.

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2. Tired Design

If your washroom (usually accompanied by telltale flickering lights), reminds you of a horror movie classic, it’s probably in need of an upgrade. Everything ages after a certain amount of use and washrooms are no exception especially if a lot of people use the building. Or if the washroom was installed decades ago.

Tired units, broken toilets and leaky taps don’t just pose a hazard to users, but also give the wrong first impression. It’s also difficult to maintain the hygiene on units which are long overdue being replaced, making it an all-round nightmare.

These days, washrooms can be fitted in any colour or design scheme. From bold brights to sophisticated neutral shades – anything is possible! You can even have the design customised to suit your school, public building or company colours. A new washroom will also ensure better cohesion throughout the rest of the building, especially if you’ve had your other spaces decorated recently too.

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3. It Doesn’t Fit User Requirements

Not all washrooms are created equal. Take washrooms located in a healthcare setting as an example. The emphasis should be on reduced touchpoints to limit infection and disease from spreading, especially for employees. Plus, the units need to be eco-friendly to reduce the strain on the budget. That’s why a standard bathroom or an ill-thought-out washroom design just won’t do, because it doesn’t meet the needs of its patrons.

Every building will have unique requirements, which means certain designs, units and features will be more suitable than others. But if your washroom wasn’t planned with any of that in mind, it probably won’t be the case. By approaching things with a fresh perspective, you can ensure that the space is performing as it should, regardless of your industry or usage requirements.

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4. Wasteful Utilities

Washrooms get a lot of use, and if they aren’t eco-friendly not only is this bad for the environment, but your bills too. As we all pay more attention to climate change, we each have a responsibility to reduce our energy consumption as much as possible. That’s why leaking toilets, dripping taps and hyperactive radiators need to get the boot.

A brand-new washroom will use state-of-the-art utilities that are eco-friendly without compromising on performance. That will give you peace of mind that you’re doing your bit where your washrooms are concerned, plus you’ll benefit from a snazzy new design too.

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5. Lack Of Accessibility

A lack of an accessible toilet can cause completely avoidable issues for those who need them most. If your building doesn’t have accessible washroom facilities, then changing this should be a top priority, especially if it’s a public building. Not only is a lack of accessible facilities highly frustrating for users, but it may even prevent some people from visiting your building at all.

For the vast majority of buildings, it’s possible to incorporate accessible washroom facilities. Every effort that can be taken to reduce this problem will contribute to a fairer society since going to the toilet is a human right, not a luxury.

Above: here’s one we made earlier! Accessible washrooms are one of the many services we provide our clients here at Inspired Washrooms.

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