What the client wanted

The team over at Bainland Holiday Park knew that they were in need of a new washroom and having spoken to a number of other commercial washroom companies they came to us. They loved the way that we worked the ideas that we had and so after sending their quote over and talking them through it, we got to work.

The client needed both their male and female washrooms updated as well as a disabled toilet/baby changing room. With this in mind, we wanted to make sure that the theme throughout the toilets was all the same. This kind of ubiquity meant that we could add a lovely, premium feel to the space to reflect their luxurious rural area.

They also asked that we try to add a natural element to the design, the inclusion of wooden effect panelling and mostly neutral tones was a must to align the toilets with their natural theme. Once these few key requests were noted, we could get to work with our designs. Having walked around the fantastic getaway, we understood the level of care and attention the staff put into their ground which is why we wanted to do them justice with our designs and installation.

What we achieved

From design to the moment we left the location, we loved every minute of this project. We were able to enjoy the location as well as the work that we were doing. Having taken extra care to ensure that our work would be in keeping with the current theme of the grounds. The end result looks amazing and really accentuates the natural themes that were so important. The addition of the wood effect panels for the IPS units helped us to accomplish this.

The subtly of the grey safety flooring helps to bring the room together without drawing too much attention allowing the natural access to become the main focus. When this is paired with the use of nice, bright lighting we’re able to create a clean, modern space for people to feel comfortable in.

We were sure to use senor taps in order to reduce the number of touchpoints within the washroom which helps to lower the risk of the spreading of germs too. Following this, we also added touchless flush systems to the toilet cubicles in order to add a premium touch and further lower touchpoints.

Key Solutions Included

  • Safely flooring
  • PVC cladding
  • Compact grade laminate toilet cubicles
  • Bespoke vanity units
  • IPS (integrated panel systems)
  • Electrical (lighting)
  • Painting
  • Plumbing