School Toilet Refurbishment

Stylish, fun and practical toilet refurbishment for Banks Road School.

Offering schools and its students a new, modern space for toilets and washrooms.

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What the client wanted

The community over at Banks Road School in Liverpool were in need of a revamp for their male and female toilet cubicles. After contacting our customer service team, we worked together to create a playful, safe and functional space for their students.

With the school having original structures in place which had become outdated and overused, the idea was to create a colourful, youthful place which reflected the schools attitudes and students. After agreeing on the chosen design with the team and the overall aesthetic finalised, the staff wanted the whole toilet area gutted, meaning the team had a fresh slate to start from! Needing something both stylish and easy to use for all students, we were the perfect crew for the job! With plenty of experience in School Toilet Refurbishments, the team knew exactly what needed to be done whilst also completing the project during summer holidays for added convenience.

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What the team achieved

There was a clear vision of having a vibrant space whilst still keeping things practical for these cubicles meaning our team had plenty of ideas to run with. After coming up with a few different styles, both Inspired Washrooms and the school decided on an approach that was the most appropriate, making a huge difference to their environment.

From completely gutting the existing toilet space to the unique finishing touches, our teams thoroughly enjoyed working on this project.

Using bold, fun colours and a mix of dark and neon tones, this set of toilets is all about the details. We created a flowing space of cubicles and vanity units, finished off with classic silver hardware and modern flooring. Featuring iconic splash shaped mirrors for a playful touch, the toilets also come with modern facilities for easy day to day use. With the involvement of contactless flushes and hand dryers, the cubicles also come with standard locking and a toilet roll dispenser.

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Key Solutions Included

  • Safely flooring
  • PVC cladding
  • Compact grade laminate toilet cubicles
  • Bespoke vanity units
  • IPS (integrated panel systems)
  • Electrical (lighting)
  • Painting
  • Plumbing

Toilet Cubicles

Offering custom configuration, our work enabled the school to create a personalised and accurate fit for their needs.

With over 10 years experience in school toilet cubicles, Inspired Washrooms understand this process requires a lot of thought. Whilst we offer a range of specialist features, aspects such as the schools age range was always something to consider. Some of the special configurations considered were : cam locking for younger children, contactless finishings, overall toilet size, shapes and covid safety products. 

Give us a call on 0115 811 4242 and let’s get started if your interested in any of these!

Fun Filled Vanity Unit

With a common theme of a fun loving attitude flowing throughout, the Vanity Unit was a huge part of this project, bringing everything together and offering a place for a stylish yet child friendly area.

Kitted out with the unique mirrors and vivid colour scheme, the vanity unit designed comes with an all in one basin and push taps for a bespoke and modern look. These taps also offer a more eco-friendly use due to them coming to an automatic stop, ideal for school toilets where children may forget or are desperate to get back to the play ground!

“It was a pleasure to work with Banks Road School on this refurbishment, they made the process really enjoyable and easy.”

Chris Kightley, Inspired Washrooms

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