Academy toilet refurbishment in Newark

Refurbishment of a school toilet turning into a sleek and modern facility.

Bilsthorpe Academy reached out to us asking for our help with their washroom. Their old space needed an update as it had been there for years. So we got to work and created something that they can be proud of.

What the client wanted

After your conversations on the phone, Chris, our head of projects, booked an appointment with the team over at Bilsthorpe Academy so that we could get a look at the current space and gather all of the measurements that we might need. After sitting down with them, finding out what they’re looking for and discussing the kind of styles that they like we were able to get to work and create a few designs for them.

We knew that they were looking for something on the neutral side that didn’t contain any bright colours. They needed both cubicles and urinals for the washroom, after talking through a few different options a stainless steel urinal seemed to be the best option.

Safety flooring is also a must due to the fact that the health and safety of their students is one of the most important parts of any washroom refurbishment.

What we achieved

After showing the team the design they loved it so we scheduled the work and prepared for the toilet refurbishment!

Once we had taken the old washroom out our fitting team was able to get to work. The safety flooring acts as a nice neutral base for the rest of the washroom, the grey doesn’t clash with anything and as an added bonus it also makes it much easier to clean. Paired with the natural light of the window, the space looks larger which is really helpful. Similarly, the lighting creates a clean atmosphere and with white walls, the light is able to bounce around the room and illuminate the entire space.

The vanity unit and trough sinks make it easy to maintain or perform any necessary repairs with an integrated panel system (IPS). This means that anyone with the right tools can take the access panel off and get to the piping without having to put holes in a wall or damage anything.

Key Solutions Included

  • Safely flooring
  • PVC cladding
  • Compact grade laminate toilet cubicles
  • Bespoke vanity units
  • IPS (integrated panel systems)
  • Electrical (lighting)
  • Painting
  • Plumbing

Stainless steel urinal

Many of our projects require us to install individual urinals, however, the team at Bilsthorpe Academy opted for a stainless steel urinal which helped in the grand scheme of things. Due the the limited space within the school toilet, a trough urinal like this one meant that we could save space while still offering the desired facilities.

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