Refurbishment for Gaudet Luce Golf Club

Phase 2 refurbishment of modern shower cubicles and washroom.

After a successful refurbishment of the Gaudet Luce Golf Club toilet area, the club contacted us again for a full wash and shower room fit-out. Not only does this show the success of phase 1, but our team already had plenty of ideas and plans in mind.

What the client asked for

We were delighted to be working with Gaudet Luce Golf Club once again, and this time, the project was even bigger. The team at the club wanted a space with plenty of room, practicality and modern features which also fit into the surrounding aesthetic.

As we already had key knowledge and equipment from the past refurbishment, both teams agreed on a similar look, involving classic colours and a fresh feeling throughout. The main aspect of this project was the shower and changing rooms. This area of the washroom had to be clean, spacious and well equipped for all users, with a running theme of neutral surfacing.

What Inspired Washrooms achieved

We had plenty of space to work with which is always great, so we were able to build and design 3 shower cubicles which had plenty of room to move. In addition to these cubicles, we also added extra toilet cubicles and vanity units which were the same fixtures and designs as the previous project.

Gaudet Luce Golf Club is a prestigious corporation that we knew needed top-of-the-range materials and equipment. We needed to be able to create a premium feel within the showers and toilets so that customers felt the right level of quality and care throughout their experience. We were able to use premium, commercial materials, fittings and fixtures once again to ensure that this washroom would last for a long period of time and be considered timeless in terms of interior design.

We decided on reassuring rich greys which were then complemented by light, wood effect IPS panelling and white porcelain fixtures. These colours not only make a space look bigger and brighter but are also a classic option for high-end corporations.

Key Solutions Included

  • Safely flooring
  • PVC cladding
  • Compact grade laminate toilet cubicles
  • Bespoke vanity units
  • IPS (integrated panel systems)
  • Electrical (lighting)
  • Shower cubicles
  • Plumbing

“I’m a huge fan of golf, , so for us to be able to work on a commercial project for a fantastic golf club like this once again made us all really excited. Being able to take action, design a space that looks fanatic and then see the faces of your clients when we present the finished product to them is something that we love.”

Chris Kightley, Inspired Washrooms

Changing room design

Inspired Washrooms are able to provide top of the range equipment and materials for changing room and shower cubicles. Whether this be for a golf club, leisure centre or school washrooms, we understand how important these areas are.

Our shower rooms come with fully functioning water systems, easy lock doors and modern ventilation to keep the area fresh and clean. We understand that every industry and company require different features, so make sure to discuss any extras you need with the design and planning team.

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Commercial washrooms

Our commercial washrooms typically come with toilet cubicles and vanity units to offer cleanliness and convenience for all users.

Vanity units are a modern and efficient way to create a professional style within your washroom. These vanity units however also contain IPS (integrated panel systems) qualities which means that once we’ve designed and placed them, they’re easy to install and offer simple maintenance due to the styled access hatches. Accompanying this, our signature toilet cubicles all come with modern accessories and can be designed to fit any aesthetic. Whether you’re needing a separate urinal area or disabled access, Inspired Washrooms are here to help.


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