Workplace washrooms for Hucknall Sheet Metal

Toilet and washroom refurbishment for metal fabricators in Nottingham


Updated, practical cubicle design for Hucknall Sheet Metal in Nottingham.

Hucknall Sheet Metal was in need of a washroom refurbishment for their factory space. This project transformed an older space into a functional, modern area, resulting in a spacious place for staff and visitors with high-quality materials and equipment.

What the client asked for

This company came to us as they were looking to upgrade their old toilet area and were after a simple, classic look that won’t require much maintenance. After contacting our team for a free consultation and quick chat about their plans, Inspired Washrooms got straight to work with design work and layout sketches. If you’re looking to refurbish your washrooms and toilet facilities please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Looking for a clean, versatile look, the main aim for this toilet space was to create a simple look which fit into the surrounding working environment. By fitting simple surfaces and contrasting tones, we managed to design an area which reflected the business and stayed in style for years to come.

What we achieved

Once the Inspired Washrooms team and Hucknall Sheet Metal decided on a final look, we started the fun part!

We decided on a mixed aesthetic of neutral and bold colours, including whites, greys and blue which created a modern finish. We managed to create spacious toilet cubicles for staff members and visitors, fitted vanity units, stainless steel hardware, urinals and durable surfacing. We also included a classic wooden effect which many of our projects have entialed. By including wooden finish doors, this adds a classic feel to the space and separates the colours throughout.

Contact us for all Washrooms Refurbishments on 0115 671 3867. Our services include toilet cubicles, vanity units or changing rooms.

Key Solutions Included

  • Toilet cubicles
  • Vanity units
  • Stainless steel hardware
  • Urinals
  • Ceramic wash basins
  • IPS units
  • Hardware flooring and walls

Commercial Toilet Cubicle

Our commercial toilet cubicles come with modern accessories, finished with silver and white hardware, a flush, wooden panelling and anti lock systems. We also included urinals into this project. Keeping the neutral theme throughout, the urinals are finished in a glossy white surface and fit into the theme of the entire washroom.

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Commercial vanity units

Like the majority of our clients and projects, the vanity unit was a key part of this washroom refurbishment. A vanity unit can be used for many reasons by staff, visitors and clients. Whether it’s to wash hands, clean up or even for a mid day breather, a vanity unit needs to be fresh, practical and stylish, offering plenty of floor room. These vanity units came with individual wash basins, automatic push taps and mirrors to finish.

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“The team thoroughly enjoyed working on Hucknall Sheet Metal washroom. We created a timeless look with every thing anyone would need in one place whilst still keeping it simple and timeless.”

Chris Kightley, Inspired Washrooms

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