What the school asked for

Like many schools which contact us, Mark Rutherford School had a vision in mind to make its space bright and child appropriate. When it comes to school washrooms, it’s a lot more than toilets and sinks. Our customers require a space which can be safely used by all and also designed in a way which is age-appropriate, practical and looks the part.

The staff wanted a fun-filled space for both the female and male toilets, which incorporated positive colour schemes, floor space, IPS units and modern fixtures for easy use. There was also the need for a disabled cubicle to ensure there is an accessible place for those who need it. This space included the same colour scheme, plenty of support fixtures, a spacious floor area, holding bars and an easy push tap and flush. Once our design team came up with a plan which everyone was happy with, we got to work with deciding features such as materials, metal work, water systems and flooring.

What Inspired Washrooms achieved

Both the school and our team have a passion for helping those around them and understand the need for a washroom in a school environment. We ensured the practicality and style of the washroom were top priorities, making sure each feature was appropriate for younger users and would be sturdy enough for daily use. A school washroom is not only a toilet area but is also a place for friendly chatter or privacy, meaning we needed plenty of space to work with.

After replacing the existing pipework and installation, we decided on a theme of bold, stimulating tones which are full of life and suitable for a schooling environment. This school washroom was truly a reflection of the school’s values and fit into the surroundings perfectly.

We created a youthful space with the inclusion of cubicles and vanity units, finished off with traditional silver hardware and white coatings. We also install all our school projects with easy wipe surfaces all around as they’re practical and easily maintained. The toilets also came with modern accessories to make everything super easy to use, these included easy lock systems, push taps, IPS units and spacious wash basins. These features keep the area clean and tidy and are also useful for things such as water waste and safety.

Please contact us if you have any ideas or enquiries regarding a school washroom refurbishment.

Key Solutions Included

  • Easy wipe flooring
  • Compact grade laminate toilet cubicles
  • Bespoke vanity units
  • IPS (integrated panel systems)
  • Electrical lighting
  • Plumbing
  • Disabled toilets