The cafe and restaurant area is a little bit of a grey area when it comes to laws and regulations surrounding washroom facilities. On one hand, you want to ensure that your customers are satisfied and content with your services, but on the other, some cafe shops are just too small to have these facilities in place or don't have enough customers at one time. If you’re a cafe owner, you will always have to provide toilets for staff as this is the law. However, for customers and clients, they may also legally require toilet facilities or it could just be a case of expectation.

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When are toilet facilities necessary for cafes?

To put it simply, you do not, by law, have to provide toilet facilities for customers, as long as there are not 10 or more seats and people consuming food or drink on your premises. This rule doesn't however apply to staff as providing cubicles for staff is a law that every business must abide by. Learn more about washroom laws and regulations for businesses here.

If you are the owner of a cafe, coffee shop, bakery, ice cream shop or any other type of hospitality business, there will also be legal categories which will outline the nature of the services you provide.

Licenced and unlicensed premises

If you’re an establishment that serves alcohol, this could in fact affect your legal obligation towards toilet facilities. The current regulations and laws underline that you must provide efficient toilet spaces if you also have a drinks licence.

Times of service

The time of day that you operate will also affect your legal obligations as toilet facilities must be accessible in a business which is open after 11 pm.

Toilet fit-out and refurbishments for cafes

Inspired washrooms have years of experience within the washroom fit-out and refurbishment sector, focusing on commercial spaces such as cafes and restaurants. Not only are we aware of all the laws and regulations in place, but we also have an eye for what looks good and combined with our specialist designers, produce washrooms which look good and work well.

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