Many business owners and designers may spend planning time focusing on washroom features such as vanity units, interior design, hand dryers or paper towels, often needing to remember one of the most important user requirements, heating.

Heating and ventilation are a necessity when creating sustainable, modern washrooms and can also have huge effects on customer satisfaction and even health and safety. We all remember the icy school toilets or old work cubicles that would feel better in the winter. The fact is, the heating of washrooms can deter users and result in unsatisfactory conditions and unhappy users.

Why you need heating solutions for your washroom

Installing a heating solution for a washroom is more than just heating a space when the colder months hit. Here are some of the key reasons why you should invest in a new or replacement heating system.

  • Comfort
  • Prevention of illnesses and flu symptoms
  • Prevention of mould and dampness
  • Safety e.g. slippery floors
  • Energy efficiency
  • Prevention of frozen pipes
  • Creating a comfortable working environment
  • Employee or customer satisfaction
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Heating options for washrooms

Whether you’re a site manager for a local community centre or run a small local office, we have collected some of the best suggestions for your washroom heating solutions!

" When it comes to commercial washrooms, it's essential to consider heating solutions that not only provide comfort but also optimise energy efficiency and cost-effectiveness. One solution that stands out in this regard is the use of heat pumps.

Heat pumps are highly efficient systems that can provide both heating and cooling for commercial spaces. Harnessing renewable energy sources such as air, water, or the ground, heat pumps offer significant savings on energy bills compared to traditional heating methods. In addition to their energy efficiency, heat pumps also offer versatility in installation. They can be easily integrated into existing infrastructure making them ideal for retrofitting commercial washrooms without extensive renovations."

Oliver Creevy, Managing Director and Co-founder of Heat-pumps UK


Traditional radiates are ideal for a selection of different property types and commercial uses. They are great at heating rooms providing they have the right British thermal unit output for the space. You can work the BTU out by calculating the cubic volume of the room, and then making amendments for things such as flooring, windows and insulation. Modern radiators also come with different features such as temperature control or can be connected to a thermostat system to ensure a comfortable temperature is being created and energy is being used efficiently.

Towel rails

Typically found in modern homes, towel rails can also be found in corporate offices, spa facilities sports clubs and hotel washrooms. This option allows you to not only heat up the environment but also heat and dry hands, saving the need for electrical appliances and offering a more enjoyable experience.

Underfloor heating

Installing underfloor heating is ideal for smaller spaces or places which don’t want to have heating systems on display. This is a heating solution mainly used in high-end commercial spaces but is an effective method of heating for both the room itself and the user. In areas where customers will be moving through the room barefoot, e.g. a spa or pool changing room, underfloor heating not only provides warmth but also a luxe, modern feel. This type of heating can be a little more complicated and expensive to install but offers convenience and aesthetics.

Electrical heating

This is a highly effective way of heating washrooms. Convection heaters work by recirculating the air in the room, drawing cold air in over a heating element, and then blowing the warm air out. This can be beneficial in rooms that do not already have plumbing for radiators as they work off of mains electricity.

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