It’s easy to think that by washing your hands alone, enough has been done to rid them of harmful germs and bacteria. But did you know that your hands spread 1,000 times more germs when they are wet versus when they are dry?

Therefore, having an effective, easy method of drying hands is essential in any washroom or public bathroom.

Commonly, standard hand dryers with a manual push-button are used. In some cases, paper towels or even cloth towel dispensers are the hand-drying method of choice. But do any of these options offer the most hygienic, cost-efficient or even modern solution for your facility?

Sensor hand dryers are activated whenever motion is detected and are the latest innovation in hand drying technology. Here are just some of the top benefits of upgrading your washroom hand dryers from older systems that may be currently present in your building.

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Improved Hygiene

We know the spread of germs can be a real issue in washrooms and public bathrooms. As well as coronavirus, WebMD states other common bugs found in public bathrooms include streptococcus, staphylococcus, E. coli and shigella bacteria, hepatitis A virus, and the common cold virus.

One of the easiest ways to limit the spread of transmission of most illnesses and diseases is to reduce the number of touchpoints your washroom has. Sensor hand dryers do not require any physical touch or force to activate making them perfect for the job.

Also, sensor hand dryers prioritise powerful airflow over heat meaning hands will be dried faster and more evenly. Since having dry hands is also important to reduce the spread of bacteria, the ability to dry hands much quicker and easier means even those who don’t wait around for long will not have dripping wet hands.

P.S.: Interested in removing touchpoints elsewhere in your washroom? As leading commercial washroom installers, we can prioritise sensor-activated technology in your project if you work with us.

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Energy & Resource Saving

Sustainability and reducing environmental impact are at the forefront of how buildings are now designed.

Sensor hand dryers use efficient technology, meaning they will only work when a hand waves under the sensor. The airflow will run for a specific amount of time before shutting off. Also, because the concentration is on having a strong airflow rather than just heat, the energy efficiency is much better compared with older manual hand dryers. 

Plus with an automatic sensor hand dryer, there’s no need to restock paper towels, which also reduces costs for your business, not to mention unnecessary waste.

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Modernises Your Washroom

Refurbishing your washroom, or indeed constructing one from scratch gives you the opportunity to modernise your facilities. Sensor-activated technology is one of the best ways to go about this, especially when it comes to sensor hand dryers.

In fact, sensor-activated hand dryers are the perfect accompaniment when you opt for contemporary features and finishes throughout. They give a sleek look that instantly brings the space up to date with a range of colours and even lighting options available, depending on the make and model of the hand dryer. In contrast, manual dryers often feel clunky and not always user-friendly. The more you can automate the entire washroom experience the better.

For washrooms that see a high amount of foot traffic, automating key features can also reduce queues. All while improving customer satisfaction.

Inspired Washrooms – Sensor Activated Technology For Washrooms

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