Smart technology is transforming our homes, businesses and workplaces, adding convenience and efficiency to everyday lives and facilities. Although it can be difficult to keep up to date with the newest softwares and features, technology has the power to completely transform how a space runs, including washroom facilities. Smart toilets and IoT are being used in toilets and bathrooms across the globe, assisting in the care and safety of users whilst also contributing to environmental efforts and innovation.

The benefits of bathroom technology

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Smart features that are improving bathroom hygiene

Smart toilets

What is a smart toilet? A smart toilet is a state-of-the-art technology that enhances the bathroom experience, especially in the home, workplace and hospitality. These innovative and modern toilets provide features such as automatic flushing, bidets, seat warming, hygiene wrap, air conditioning and health monitoring.

Designed to encourage independence, satisfaction, and wellness, these toilets are also ideal for accessibility and those with mobility challenges. Due to the limited contact required, smart toilets are improving hygiene through their automated systems' motion-censored features. For example, many cubicles will include a plastic wrap around the toilet rim which is automatically turned every time the toilet is occupied by a new person. Similarly, an automated flush will ensure users aren't touching any fixtures and spreading bacteria.

Smart taps and dispensers

Automated taps have been around for many years, and are a simple way to reduce contact in a bathroom. Using a sensor button and touchless technology, smart taps enable a customisable, safe and eco-conscious experience that can be installed at home, work or any other commercial space. Modern models often come with temperature-controlled settings and an auto-stop feature to ensure no water is wasted and users are washing their hands for the recommended amount of time.

Accompanying these taps are touchless soap dispensers which allow customers or visitors to wash their hands properly without the need to touch bottles or share containers. Many modern washrooms combine both a tap, a soap dispenser and hand dryer into the same system to not only create efficiency but also ensure that each customer washing their hands to a good standard.

Smart showers

Found in a home, commercial space, wet room, school or spa facility, smart showers are innovative, digital shower systems that provide ultimate bliss and relaxation. Featuring easy-to-use controls and built-in safety features, a smart shower is a modern and hygienic solution that provides a wide range of benefits.

These systems often come with features such as temperature adjustment and automation, water flow, duration and outlet control and different programming options for different purposes. For example, some of the advanced versions will allow the user to pick a program, e.g. sports which will then be tailored to fitness recovery and aid. Smart showers can also be linked to Bluetooth devices and wifi, creating a luxury experience and personalisation.

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Automated doors and locks

Opening, closing and locking a door can be a big cause of spreading bacteria and germs. Many modern bathrooms are now being fitted out with automated doors and locks to avoid as much contact as possible when entering and exiting a space. These systems will have sensors installed so they open and close when a person is detected as well as hand sensors when locking and unlocking a cubicle.

Waste management

Although not directly linked to hygiene, technology in a bathroom is a huge contributor to waste management and is helping businesses and homeowners improve their sustainability when it comes to water, energy and resources. The smart features mentioned above mostly work on automated technology, meaning they turn off when not in use and avoid any unnecessary consumption. Other examples of waste management in a bathroom include smart waste bins which categorise waste and recycling, reusable systems, energy-efficient features and renewable resources.

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