Sustainability is based on the idea that we meet our needs without compromising the ability of future generations to be able to meet their own. All of which comes down to responsible sourcing and using sustainable materials, while looking to prevent wastage of energy and resources wherever possible.

Washrooms are a necessary convenience in every building especially if required by your employees or the general public. We all have a responsibility to do our bit where the environment is concerned and commercial washrooms and toilets are no exception. 

Key features of a sustainable washroom

As leading washroom installers across the UK, here are our top points to consider when factoring sustainability within your washroom design and upkeep.

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Motion Sensor Technology

Motion sensor items will only work when required instead of being switched on all the time. This will allow for better control over how much energy is being used up. Aspects to consider include lighting, toilet flushers, taps and hand dryers.

For example, lighting will only come on when someone walks into the room instead of the room being lit automatically which is unnecessary, especially if the room is only occasionally used. Taps, toilet flushers and hand dryers will immediately activate as soon as a hand is waved underneath or next to their sensors. 

An added benefit of motion sensor technology within washrooms is that it can also help improve the cleanliness of the space because it dramatically removes the touchpoints people would otherwise have to come into contact with to use the item. 

How To Create A Sustainable Washroom from Inspired Washrooms

Reduce water waste

All washrooms have water at the centre of their foundation making it easy to waste this precious resource without regular maintenance of your facilities. 

A simple dripping tap might not seem like a big deal, but over time can waste gallons of water. Likewise, leaks within your washroom facilities including toilets, sinks or showers are incredibly wasteful and also pose slipping hazards for your patrons.

If you don’t already have a maintenance team to conduct checks of your washroom plumbing, then be advised that adjustments or fixes may be required every now and then. 

Use Renewable Energy

Washrooms are not standalone features of a building – they are part of them. So consider what measures can be taken to improve the energy efficiency of your building as a whole, which in turn will make your washroom more sustainable. 

Sustainable options include solar panels, wind turbines and heat pumps rather than gas boilers. Essentially, every move you can take away from energy sources that use gas, coal or oil the better. You will also be able to reduce the running costs of your building as a result, since energy bills can be astronomical in commercial spaces, especially those which aren’t energy efficient in the first place. 

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Using recycled materials

Using recycled materials in your bathroom is a fantastic way to contribute to sustainability. By incorporating items such as recycled glass tiles, reclaimed wood or fixtures made from recycled metal, you not only reduce the demand for new resources but also minimise the environmental impact of production. One simple way to use recycled features is to use second hand shops and marketplaces and either keep them as they are or give objects a new lease of life with fresh paint or accessories.

Washroom Installation UK

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