Did you know the average person uses approximately 150 litres of water per day? It is estimated that 8 out of 10 people waste water, amounting to 3 billion litres of wasted water per day. While much of the nation’s water use happens at home, public or commercial bathrooms also require water to operate.

Although most businesses would like to think they have an efficient plumbing system, this cannot be guaranteed. Instead, every public building must take measures to save water, and most importantly avoid wasting water. Before seeing a few ways that you can save money, consider why cutting down on your utilities is such an important part of being a home or business. We all know that cutting down on both water and energy consumption is important but we rarely question why.

Here are our top tips to point you in the right direction with all things water-saving.

Don’t Leave Leaks To Fester

Water leaks usually happen underground. Though they can happen within your plumbing hardware above ground too, such as loose joints or dripping tap where water is dripping through. Likewise, a running toilet can also be down to a leak somewhere within your plumbing system.

Any kind of water leak whether you can see the source of the issue or not requires prompt investigation. As well as saving water, acting fast when a leak is suspected reduces the chances of other problems occurring as a result. For instance, dampness and mould, damage to plasterwork and even injuries from slipping on pools of water.

Install A Commercial Water Metre

Similar to smart metres, a water metre can tell you how much water is being used in your building per day. As the name suggests, a commercial water metre is designed for commercial properties and is geared towards large-scale use. Over time, you can use your water metre to detect unusually high water usage. This may indicate misuse of your bathrooms or kitchens (i.e. taps being allowed to run instead of being turned off), as well as potential leaks in your system.

Use Water Saving Bathroom Fixtures

It perhaps comes as no surprise that older sinks, toilets and radiators are not as water-efficient as their newer counterparts. In the old days, there wasn’t as much consideration about how much water it took to flush the toilet or heat a home, but now standards have changed.

In particular, it’s now possible to install toilets and sinks that have water-saving technology. This includes taps with limited depressors to ensure only the necessary amount of water is dispersed. Dual flush on toilets works much the same, allowing the user to control how much water is needed to facilitate each flush, rather than having a one-size-fits-all approach. Finally, motion sensor technology can also be used to control the amount of water released in sinks, ensuring the tap will not run unless a hand is directly underneath the sensor. This makes it impossible for taps to drip or to be left to run. 

Collect Rainwater

Finally, for any organisations such as schools or hospitals with outdoor space, collecting rainwater to repurpose it for watering plants can also save water.

If you consider many areas are now seeing hosepipe bans, it may be the case that any lawns, trees or plants may be unable to be watered in the summer months. Even if a hosepipe ban is not in place, watering still requires precious water to be used continually for the job.

In schools, the collection of rainwater in itself can be a valuable educational tool for students, to explain the importance of saving water.

Commercial Bathroom Renovations UK

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