School washrooms are one of the most important, not to mention one of the most used spaces of any educational facility.

But if it’s been some time since a toilet block or washroom was installed, it may be lacking many essential features, or simply be looking tired. Older facilities don’t just let your school down in the looks department, they may also cost more to run due to being inefficient in terms of energy and water wastage or even hazards.

As school washroom installation experts, we can help you every step of the way if you decide to undertake your project with us.

In the meantime, here are our top tips on the 8 essential features to look out for within your school washroom to inspire you.

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Child-Friendly Design

Not all commercial bathroom designs are created equal. In terms of a school washroom, the main users of that space (i.e. children!) require adjustments to make it child-friendly. For instance, having sanitaryware placed at a lower height so that the likes of washbasins are within reach.

Child-friendly washroom design can also include fun colours and prints which can be incorporated into all aspects of the room. This includes the walls, floors and cubicles. The washroom can be themed to your school colours, or use a bright array of fun colours to create an inviting space.


School washroom cubicles can also be themed so that they are pupil-friendly. However, another feature to look out for is washroom cubicles that are designed with the specific environment in mind.

Materials can be selected to cope with high humidity (i.e. for environments near swimming pools or showers), and even be extra durable to prevent damage or graffiti. Whatever specific challenges a school washroom may face, the cubicle material and overall design should help to counteract such issues.

Disabled Access

Pupils may experience a range of disabilities which means a standard bathroom format won’t cater to their needs. Having disabled access features in at least some areas of your washroom can help elevate any challenges to ensure dignity for all pupils.

Disabled toilet installations (also known as accessible toilets) installations consider everything that could be a barrier to someone with impairments. The design is then adapted to include grab rails, adapted sinks and enough room to manoeuvre a wheelchair among many other aspects.

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School is often one of the first introductions to hand hygiene pupils will have outside of their home environment. The design and overall features of a washroom can make this a positive experience that instils good habits into pupils from an early age.

Access to warm water and antibacterial soap, along with hand dryers are all essential for hand hygiene. However, removing touchpoints wherever possible can also promote better hygiene, and reduces the chance of bacteria and illnesses spreading.

IPS Units

IPS (integrated panelled systems) units allow for the concealment of plumbing and pipework within your washroom. Not only does this give a sleek finish, but also promotes better hygiene, as the system reduces the areas where bacteria can settle and grow. All of which makes it easier for your cleaners and facilities managers to keep your school washroom clean.


Signage may not be as exciting as cubicles, flooring or even bold wall colours. That said, for young pupils, signage helps to explain important health and safety information within the washroom environment. If you undertake a project with us, we can add any desired signage as a finishing touch to ensure all boxes are ticked.

Touchless Toilet Flushes

A toilet within a commercial or public building could potentially be flushed hundreds of times a day. Each time a pupil touches the flush button or handle, they then transfer bacteria onto their hands, and then onto the toilet lock and door.

By using a touchless toilet flush, this step is eliminated. Hand washing is just as important, but a touchless system ensures that the spread of bacteria elsewhere within the space is kept to a minimum.

Vanity Units

Vanity units are a common sight within residential bathroom design, but they can also be used within school washroom projects too.

The beauty of a vanity unit is that it helps save space, all while looking fantastic. The units can be customised to any colour that suits your school and can have touchless, modern sanitaryware integrated within them.

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