One of the biggest and most important features of any refurbishment is the flooring, especially when it comes to washrooms. Not only do you want the flooring to look good and be of high quality, but you also need to consider aspects such as water damage, hygiene and maintenance, pricing, longevity and safety.

Commercial washrooms can vary in terms of who and where they are. For example, a hospital washroom will have different flooring to a hotel and a school toilet will have different flooring to a spa. With this in mind, businesses and designers must consider who will be using the facilities, how often and whether or not there are any special requirements to consider.

Here are some of the most popular flooring options when it comes to commercial washroom refurbishments.

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Found throughout domestic and commercial properties, vinyl flooring is cheap, easily accessible and comes in a wide range of colours, quality and styles.

The “vinyl” variety includes a wide range of choices such as luxury vinyl and safety vinyl. Providing excellent waterproof features for bathrooms and other high-traffic areas, this material type can be made to resemble wood, stone, or even ceramic tile, and is a great way to get the look of an alternative finish, with a lower price tag.

Ceramic tiles

When it comes to ceramic tiles, there are porcelain and non-porcelain alternatives which differ in water absorption. For washrooms without a bath, shower or wet room, ceramic tiles offer that perfect level of absorption.

Tiles are also one of the most durable options on the market, making them ideal for areas with high foot traffic and a need for maintenance. Not only are tiles easy to clean, but they are also easily replaced if one cracks or gets damaged in a public space. One of the main issues with this tile type is that they can become slippery when wet which is why many commercial spaces opt for a style that is texturised or smaller in size.

Find out how to clean washroom tiles here.

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Laminate flooring

Mainly found within homes and domestic properties, traditional laminate flooring can be quite susceptible to water and moisture damage, as well as being a target to dirt and grime. However, in modern interiors, laminate flooring now comes with waterproof options and a selection of different finishings to make them durable and safe.

Laminate can provide businesses and customers with a great-looking space which is low-maintenance, easy to install and long-lasting. Not only that, laminate is also one of the cheaper flooring options and also comes in a wide selection of colours, tones and designs.

Cork flooring

Cork is an eco-friendly flooring option ( perfect for sustainable washrooms ) which is constructed from tree bark, providing waterproof and moisture resistance as well as a slip-resistant, textured finish. However, cork needs to be sealed and resealed every three or four years which can often put larger businesses off that have more than one washroom to maintain.


Rubber flooring is being used more and more within commercial washrooms as it doesn’t absorb liquids and provides traction in wet conditions, making it ideal for water-prone areas and spaces such as schools where there can be a lot of mess. This kind of flooring is easy to clean and preserve resulting in a long-lasting solution.

On the other hand, many businesses are not keen on the aesthetic side of rubber, meaning it’s not always suitable for spaces such as hotels or offices.

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