Washrooms are one of the most utilised spaces within a building. Patrons expect a clean environment that’s user-friendly and well-stocked. Redesigning your washroom is one of the best ways to ensure this is the case, especially if you have any current pain points such as an awkward layout or inefficient plumbing systems.

However, the tech could also help provide a better experience, seen as new inventions are constantly making washrooms easier to use and maintain.

Here is an overview of just some of the options you have at your disposal when looking to add tech to your washroom.

Sensor activated elements

Reducing the touchpoints in your washroom has a multitude of benefits. Namely, it will help keep the area clean and reduce the spread of bacteria and viruses which are especially prevalent in any bathroom type. Sensor activation can be implemented within lighting, WC flush mechanisms, taps as well as hand dryers. All of which can enhance the experience of disabled users too, who may not be able to physically reach or manoeuvre such features within a washroom.

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UV Sanitisers

On the theme of keeping clean, it’s now possible to employ various UV sanitising devices for washrooms. These range from handheld devices that can be used by your cleaning teams to virtual robots that will remove all traces of bacteria from every aspect of the room. While such technology doesn’t come cheap, it has been something that commercial washrooms in transport hubs have adopted in recent times. The technology also helps reassure users and keeps the venues up and running.

Automatic Tissue Dispenser

Drying your hands is just as important as washing them, as bacteria can be distributed from the water droplets. If you aren’t able to install proper hand dryers, then an automatic tissue dispenser is a worthwhile investment. Compared with the old-style public bathroom hand towels that are a single piece of a revolving sheet - automatic tissue dispensers are way more hygienic. They also speed up the process since a user can dry their hands and go without having to linger.

Colour Changing Water Outlets

Taps or showers can have filters put on them which change colour to denote the temperature. As well as creating a stunning optical illusion, it will also help prevent burns which can easily happen if somebody misjudges the temperature. Colour-changing features are also suited to users with sensory impairments in the likes of schools or healthcare environments.

Eco-Friendly Tech

Let’s not forget that tech isn’t just there to wow us or make an experience easier - it can also help save the planet too. It’s very easy to incorporate eco-friendly technology within practically every aspect of a washroom. For example, newer toilets automatically use less water versus older models. Taps can have dispensers that only release a controlled amount of water with each activation. Also, lights can be sensor-activated to avoid unnecessary electricity wastage.

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Find Out More

Are you interested in adding tech to enhance your washroom? While the above is some of the most popular ideas being used today, our list is by no means exhaustive. If you have any ideas of what you’d like or want to know what could be possible, we’re here to help you with all your washroom requirements.

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