Vanity units make a wonderful addition to any washroom space, found in homes and a wide selection of commercial spaces including hotels or restaurants. Available in a range of styles, sizes, materials and additional features, businesses and homeowners have access to an array of different design elements when it comes to a vanity unit. From mirrors to storage solutions, vanity units provide a space with a sense of originality and are typically seen as the centrepiece of a washroom.

But what type of vanity unit is right for you and what do the different options offer in terms of function and aesthetic?

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What is a vanity unit?

Consisting of a flat surface with a basin or worktop on top, a vanity unit is used throughout a property, but predominantly in a washroom. Many vanity units are equipped with cupboard space underneath used for toiletries and accessories or fit with IPS units as a way to conceal drains and pipes. Available in a range of sizes and colours, a vanity unit is often seen as both a functional and attractive addition to homes or commercial buildings.

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Different styles of bathroom vanity units

When deciding on the type of vanity unit needed for a space, it’s important to consider how it is going to be used, how often, who by and how the surrounding environment is laid out. When it comes to business and commercial property, it’s also beneficial to check any regulations or measurements needed.

Here are some of the most common styles of vanity units used in bathrooms and washrooms.


A freestanding vanity unit is a stand-alone piece which is ideal for creating a statement centrepiece. Typically used in a smaller washroom, a freestanding vanity unit is usually presented with a mirror, small sink, tap and storage.

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Wall hanging

With a wall-hung vanity unit, space is available between the floor and the unit itself. Offering a sleek, modern finish, these units are used by both homeowners and business owners as they are stylish, easy to install and give plenty of access to surrounding space. Due to the gap of space underneath, these units also ensure the floor and tiles of a washroom can be cleaned effectively whilst adding an extra area for storage or piping.


With the primary purpose being space efficiency and practicality, a corner vanity unit sits comfortably in the corner of a washroom. These are especially useful in small or tight spaces where the layout is rather compact.


Perfect for a variety of different environments, a combination vanity unit incorporates additional elements to provide a well-rounded bathroom solution which offers space efficiency, storage solutions and easy access.

Typically featuring both a toilet and basin, a combination vanity unit does still have a variety of sizes and shapes available and can be a good option for big or small washrooms depending on the functionality.

Double basin

Perfect for commercial spaces in areas such as school toilets, hospitals or offices, double or even triple-basin vanity units allow multiple people to use the facilities at one given time. As these washrooms will fit more than one cubicle, they must then accommodate the user through sink space. You may also find double-basin vanity units in homes or ensuites.

When used in commercial properties, most double basin vanity units will come with pre-plumbed IPS units as there will be a need for safety and hygiene. Unlike in a home, most businesses or institutions will need to keep toiletries, piping or hardware out of reach and away from the user.

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Things to consider when choosing a vanity unit

  • How often will it be used throughout the day?
  • What is the age group of your user/customer?
  • Are there any laws or regulations you need to be aware of?
  • How many cubicles does your washroom have?
  • Is there plenty of accessibility to the basin?
  • Which style of vanity unit complements your design theme?
  • Does the plumbing accommodate your needs/vision?

Vanity units by Inspired Washrooms

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