When redesigning your washroom or public bathroom there’s a lot to think about. As well as the style and layout of your space, you also need to decide what practical features are going to be required too.

While some aspects such as toilets, cubicles, and hand dryers are a given, vanity units are a more modern option that you may not realise are also available within a commercial environment. That’s because vanity units are more commonly associated with residential bathrooms. However, in recent times they have been making a strong design statement in commercial projects too.

Combining the basic functions of a sink with the ability to add storage or at the very least conceal pipework, vanity units are an extremely popular choice. Offering wall-hung or floor-mounted styles, vanity units are something we can design and install for your next washroom project with us at Inspired Washrooms.

Here’s everything you need to know about vanity units to inspire you.

Vanity Units: An Overview

Vanity units replace the dated traditional sink with something a little sleeker. Instead, the basin and tap are built around a frame combining everything as one unit. There are a variety of vanity unit types that all offer different functions, styles and accessories.

In terms of vanity units in general, the materials can range from functional porcelain to luxury quartz worktops, depending on where the vanity unit will be placed. For instance, they appear in residential bathrooms just as they do in commercial bathrooms and even in boutique hotels.

Here at Inspired Washrooms, we install bright and zesty looking vanity units in schools, just as we install sleek wood-effect vanity units in other types of commercial environments. Undoubtedly, the amount of choice a vanity unit can provide in terms of its size, shape and appearance is why they are one of the most versatile features any washroom can have.

Keeping this brief in mind, our focus is on using practical, durable yet affordable materials that are best suited to demanding environments. This allows us to create a high end look (or even a fun and colourful look!) that will look great time after time.

Such tailored properties are where residential versus commercial washroom installations differ, seen as the usage needs and even usage frequency is much higher in commercial locations.

Vanity Unit Pros

  • Great for residential and commercial projects alike
  • Endless colours and styles to choose from
  • Vanity units obscure unsightly pipework
  • Extremely durable
  • Integrates with motion sensor technology including hand dryers
  • The sleek design makes them easier to clean and maintain
  • Creates a modern edge for any washroom
  • Can be wall-hung or floor mounted
  • Solutions available for practically all room sizes and shapes
  • Can double as a storage solution or be kept purely functional

Vanity Unit Cons

  • Wall-mounted vanity units require a secure wall (i.e. not a stud wall)
  • If you have any climbers (i.e. schools) wall mounted vanity units aren’t suitable. However, floor-mounted vanity units provide an ideal option instead
  • In commercial environments, you need to consider practical surface types to ensure cleanliness as well as the pristine look of the vanity unit can be maintained – though this does ensure value for money and project satisfaction
  • …We’re out of other cons!

If you do happen to have any concerns about the suitability of a vanity unit for your particular project, rest assured we’ll create a tailored solution for you. During the planning stages, we’ll look at the specific conditions of your building, and the washroom itself to best consider the needs of your patrons.

So by all means give us a call to discuss anything we can troubleshoot for you, whether it’s related to having a vanity unit installed or any other part of the commercial washroom installation process.

Our goal is to ensure your project offers longevity and a fantastic return on investment.

Vanity Unit FAQs

vanity unit inspired washrooms uk

We’ve answered the most common questions about vanity units below. Don’t see your query in our list? Reach out to us at any time and our sales team will be more than happy to talk you through your requirements.

Is a floating vanity unit better?

Floating vanity units are very sophisticated, we’re sure you’ll agree! They also make excellent use of the wall space, freeing up the floor space in the process. As for whether a wall-hung vanity unit is ‘better’, this depends on many aspects.

For instance, can your walls support the weight of a vanity unit? Is there a potential for children to climb on top of the vanity unit? We’ll run through any of the potential pitfalls to ensure you get matched with the right vanity unit style.

Do you tile behind a vanity unit?

It’s certainly possible to tile any exposed areas of wall around your vanity unit. However, to promote speed of installation and better hygiene, a splashback board may offer better suitability. Our splashbacks are available in a wide colour palette to suit practically every environment type from primary schools to corporate offices. As always, if you want to discuss the specifics we’d be more than happy to run you through the best options for your project.

Inspired Washrooms – Vanity Unit Installation UK

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Are you looking to have vanity units installed in your commercial washroom? From hospitals to schools, offices to public transport hubs – Inspired Washrooms installs vanity units across the UK.

We’ll work with you to find the best vanity unit options for your needs as a business or organisation. We can also provide alternative solutions to a vanity unit, should you have different requirements that need to be met.

Interested in starting a project with us? Download our Inspired Washrooms Brochure to view our full range of products and services.

For help and advice with anything we’ve mentioned above, please get in touch on 0115 811 4242, and our friendly team will get back to you.