Out of all the components that go into building a washroom, ventilation probably doesn’t get half as much thought as it deserves. But without clean, fresh air circulating the experience of patrons will soon decline. It may also be more difficult to maintain the cleanliness of the environment, as even the best cleaning products can’t remove toxic particles from the air.

So in order to give your washroom users the best experience, and protect the health of all those who use the space, here is why washroom ventilation should be a top consideration.

To Create A Pleasant Environment

Considering the types of activities that take place within a washroom, such as using the restroom or showering, having a fresh circulation of air can make all the difference to patrons. In addition, washrooms are usually cleaned with stronger products versus household cleaning agents, meaning the chemicals and fumes can also create toxic pollution within the air unless the room has adequate ventilation.

Ideally, there should be a window in the washroom to allow fresh air in and out directly. However, extractor fans may also be needed, especially if the room is located within an internal part of the building that doesn’t have access to the outside or no window installation.

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To Comply With Building Regulations

Did you know that any new toilet or bathroom installation in the UK must have extraction ventilation to keep the air clean and remove moisture from the environment?

In recent years, building regulators have recognised the need for ventilation in spaces where excess moisture may be produced. Extraction systems can be programmed to turn on automatically when the user enters the room, or they can be manually operated.

Either way, make sure your washroom is compliant with the law, especially if building a washroom from scratch.

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To Avoid Mould And Bacteria

Mould, particularly black mould doesn’t just look unsightly, it can cause serious respiratory problems for those who come into contact with it.

Washrooms have to be stringently cleaned to avoid the formation of mould, especially on the likes of grouting or sealant. However, a lack of ventilation can also have a huge impact on whether mould develops in the washroom or not, since mould is often caused by an excess of moisture within the air which can result from showering or cooking – even if these activities do not take place within the washroom directly.

The nature of washrooms is that water is constantly flowing through them in one capacity or another. Some washrooms are also located in swimming pool changing rooms, adding humidity to the problem too. Either way, a fresh circulation of air will help keep mould and bacteria out of your washroom environment.

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To Help Keep Disease At Bay

Since the coronavirus pandemic, the general advice has been to keep indoor areas well ventilated to stop the spread of the disease. Though in reality, this advice has always been applicable to any kind of airborne disease, especially coughs and colds which can still be extremely serious for some people.

Similar to how many airlines have installed technology that completely replaces the air within an aircraft cabin every few minutes, washrooms can also benefit from having clean air pumped into the environment. For busy washrooms especially, long queues and people coming and going all day only increases the risk of the washroom becoming a breeding ground for diseases of all types. So as well as conducting regular, stringent cleans of your washroom, having fresh air will also be hugely beneficial in the fight against disease.

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