Lighting is a huge factor in commercial interior design and can greatly impact a space's vibe and atmosphere so knowing which lighting to choose is the first important step.

Whether it's the shape of the light, the colour tone or the brightness, lighting can help to create a particular style and mood for commercial and domestic washrooms. Many users or designers can misunderstand the importance of this feature, leading to mistakes that can impact the whole washroom design process.

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Placing the light too low down

If you're thinking of installing a bathroom chandelier or larger-scale light, it's important to consider its positioning. By hanging this feature too low, you could create a health and safety hazard or obstruction. But if the light is installed too high, this could make it difficult to maintain and clean.

Ignoring IP ratings

Due to the high amount of water and plumbing involved in washroom design, safety is a huge aspect that needs to be prioritised. All bathroom lighting has an IP rating that indicates how resistant it is to water meaning the higher the rating, the stronger the seal. Different areas of a bathroom require a different IP rating in order to fit into the particular position.

For example, lights placed inside a shower cubicle must have a higher IP rating than ones around a vanity unit as it has closer contact with water. Not researching these IP ratings, can lead to potential hazards or damage.

Deciding between warm and cool colours

Different rooms and different environments will suit different types of lighting. There is typically a choice between warm lighting and cool lighting, both of which have their own vibe and style and will watch the interiors more than the other. When deciding if you want warm or cool lighting, it's important to consider the vibe you're going for which is typically important for spaces such as hotels and offices.

For example, office washrooms might be accessorised with warm lighting as there will be an aim to boost productivity and create a welcoming atmosphere. Home washrooms might be accessorised with cooler alternatives in order to create a more intimate feel.

"Lighting for commercial washrooms needs to look good but also work from a functionality standpoint to ensure the safety of those using them. LED strip round mirrors provide shadow-free illumination but can also act as a design flourish. Depending on the look you're going for, High Colour Rendering Index lights can provide bright vivid lighting which can showcase a clean and inviting space. More design-led businesses such as restaurants or bars may opt for more 'moody' lighting using dimmers or 'warmer' lighting."

Tom Cain, Technical Manager at ULTRA LEDS

Using the same circuit

When you're designing a bathroom, whether that be more a school, hospital or home, you should ideally factor in three circuits so that you can control lights independently and create a flexible lighting scheme depending on the mood you want to implement.

Not installing enough light

In commercial spaces, adding adequate lighting is crucial as it can have a huge impact on the mood, productivity, safety and satisfaction of users. For example, there must be plenty of lighting options in hospital washrooms for safety reasons and hotel washrooms for those who are getting ready or taking pictures.

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