Commercial interior design is the process of conceptualising a space intended for business use.

Aspects to consider may include the walls, floors, lighting and furniture. Though the specifics will depend both on the building itself, as well as which rooms require designing.

For instance, commercial interior design can include the reception areas through to washrooms. Each room will contain different features, and so each space will require a tailored approach.

Anyone wanting to undertake a washroom installation or refurbishment within a commercial building will require the services of a commercial interior designer. If you work with us here at Inspired Washrooms, we’ll provide our design service as part of your initial consultation.

In the meantime, here is an overview of what commercial interior design involves in a general sense to guide you.

Examples Of Commercial Environments

Why Hire A Professional Commercial Interior Designer?

Unlike standard interior design, commercial spaces require an expert eye to ensure all aspects hit the brief. That’s because the design not only needs to satisfy the owner of the business but most importantly the general public.

The design may also have commercial intent, in that it facilitates revenue being made within that space. For instance, within a restaurant or retail outlet where customers shop directly in the environment.

While there are endless benefits to hiring a commercial interior designer, here are some of the main reasons why businesses call upon the skills of a professional to design their interior spaces.

Satisfy Health And Safety Requirements

Any public building or facility must comply with various health and safety, as well as general building regulations. Commercial interior designers must have an understanding of these aspects to ensure the design meets these regulations and reduces the likelihood that an employee or customer could sustain an illness or injury due to the design and contents of the space.

For example, within a commercial washroom, the flooring must have properties such as being non-slip and should also be easy to regularly disinfect. Therefore, the likes of a laminate floor suited for a residential living room wouldn’t meet these commercial standards.

Every other aspect of the building needs to be subject to the same scrutiny. Otherwise, the building owner could be subject to legal action, should health and safety standards be breached or if someone has an accident due to improper materials or installation.

Promote Longevity Of Installation

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Commercial installations and renovations don’t come cheap. That’s why the budget must consider the use of materials which will offer longevity so that building owners don’t have to continually replace building fixtures or fittings.

In any commercial space, the usage of practically all aspects will be higher than in a residential space. So back to our washroom example, everything from the toilet flush to the washroom entry doors will be used potentially hundreds of times a day. The quality of the installation must ensure that items can withstand such heavy usage, otherwise, they will be subject to constant maintenance or even premature replacement.

Encourage Overall User Satisfaction

The very nature of commercial spaces is that they are there to make the business money. The only exception is the likes of healthcare or education facilities.

Regardless of the commercial space in question, it must meet the needs of the target clientele. All aspects of the building must feel welcoming and accessible. Beyond any commercial intent, commercial interior design must also consider disabled accessibility.

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