A washroom is one of the most used spaces in any home, business or commercial space and is necessary for everyday living. So when investing in a washroom refurbishment, you may feel stressed by the concept of this area being unaccessible.

The time it takes for a renovation to be complete will depend on the size of the space, the fixtures and materials chosen and any issues you might face along the way, so preparing for these obstacles is key to ensuring it is a smooth ride and you can have access to these facilities as soon as possible. In many cases such as in a home, large offices, hospitals or schools, there may be other toilets and washrooms that you can use, however, in some circumstances, there might be only one.

Here are some simple and helpful tips to help you survive a washroom refurbishment!

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Preparing for a washroom refurbishment

As mentioned before, the way you prepare for a refurbishment will depend on where you are and what other facilities are available, however in this circumstance, we're going to be covering a situation in which the current washroom being refurbished, is the only one.

Check all fixtures, and fittings before work starts

This includes existing ones and new ones. If you have ordered a selection of new fixtures, make sure they are all in good condition and are correct so that the plumbers can quickly replace and install them. For existing fixtures, it's important to make sure you don't have any underlying issues that could interrupt the refurbishment process.

Utilise the facilities on time

For home bathrooms, use your facilities just before the work starts. For example, if you need to wash your hair, leave that for the day before or the morning of. Things such as washing your hands or using the toilet will be something you'll need every day, but the bigger things should be scheduled properly.

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Pack things away

Because a washroom refurbishment is only temporary, it might be tempting to just move your cosmetics and accessories into another room without any real organisation, but this can add to the stress of the whole process. Look at this as an opportunity to organise declutter and box up your washroom as if you're moving location to ensure everything is safely packed away but can also be organised when the refurbishment is complete.

Set up a temporary washing station

Many residents or commercial property owners will opt for a temporary washroom or toilet facility. You could either use what you've got which includes a sink basin, and buckets or hire out a portable station for outdoor use. This is mainly used by offices or industrial sites.

Use dust sheets around the property

Like any renovation project, dust will make many appearances along the way. Whether this is from removing a bathtub or replacing bathroom tiles, the dust that will come from the washroom will try to escape into the wider property, which is where dust sheets come in. Make sure to lay these sheets out around the home, office or building to protect and cover flooring and furniture.

Change your schedule

Whether it's a home reno or office space, working around the refurbishment can be the easiest way to avoid disturbance but also can give access to facilities in a new location.

For example, if you're having your office washroom refurbished, allowing employees to work from home means no one is in harm's way and they can just use their bathrooms. On the flip side, if you are having a home bathroom re-done, you might opt for a family member's house or coffee shop for remote working.

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