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When it comes to designing a washroom, naturally you want to do everything possible to meet the needs of your patrons. On this blog, we’ve previously discussed gender-neutral washrooms, along with accessible washrooms. However, what about baby changing facilities?

After all, with the average baby needing to be changed anywhere up to 12 times a day, finding a place to do so is going to be a top priority of any parent or guardian with a baby in tow. 

In today’s post, we will be sharing the situation on baby changing facilities and whether they are a legal requirement as a leading washroom installer here in the UK.

Does My Building Need Baby Changing Facilities?

As the law stands, there is no official requirement to add baby changing facilities to your washroom, regardless of whether it’s in a restaurant, retail outlet or any other public space that might be frequented by parents with young children. Though, that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t install any facilities, especially since the ability for parents to be able to change their baby helps ensure the health and wellbeing of the child. 

A lack of baby changing facilities may also put off parents from visiting your location. For the likes of restaurants or tourist attractions, this could have hugely negative consequences. Worst of all, it could create panic or frustration for visiting parents, which definitely isn’t something to aim for.

So while the law doesn’t strictly state that you need to install baby changing facilities, doing so is going to be in your best interests, especially if it is a public space. 

Installing Baby Changing Facilities: What You Need To Know

Any public building that decides to install baby changing facilities, especially if your patrons frequently include families will be doing their bit for society.

Though, it’s good to note that it’s not just mums who need to use the facilities, as dads, grandparents or childminders may be required to use baby changing facilities if they are taking care of the child. So when it comes to the location of the baby changing facilities, be sure not to place them only in women’s toilets. An easy solution is to create a separate facility that’s gender-neutral, with gender-neutral washrooms, in general, becoming more popular as society becomes more open-minded. 

Due to the nature of what takes place in a baby changing facility, the unit must be kept clean and well maintained. Unfortunately, baby changing facilities can attract antisocial behaviour, so such activity needs to be monitored if it’s a risk factor for your building.

Be sure to maintain the equipment, removing any hazards such as sharp edges or broken units which could pose harm to the baby or guardian. The equipment should be frequently tested and inspected to make sure it’s up to scratch before a delicate baby is placed upon it. 

Baby Changing Facilities Installation UK

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