Washrooms are designed for relaxation and a space to unwind, whether that be at home or in the workplace. Used consistently throughout the day, washrooms require a sense of order and are home to a range of products such as toiletries, cleaning products, signage, linens and more. Not only does washroom storage provide a stress-free environment for those using it, but it can also contribute to the safety of its users.

Considering both aesthetics and functionality, here are some of the best storage solutions used for washrooms, considering both commercial and domestic settings.

Washroom storage ideas

When planning out a washroom refurbishment or renovation, storage will be one of the main things on your checklist. Depending on the sizing and shape of your space, some storage solutions may work better than others. Here are some of the key things to consider when planning your washroom storage:

  • Dimensions and space optimisation
  • User-friendliness
  • Health and safety regulations or concerns
  • Usage and functionality
  • Materials and finishings
  • Maintenance and cleaning
  • Trends and personal style
  • In-built storage or free-stand fixtures?
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Under-sink shelves or cupboards

Installing under-sink storage is an easy and super convenient way to hold things without using added space. Your sink is already up and running, meaning the gap beneath it is free and could be utilised using a cabinet or shelving. Most of these solutions will fit perfectly around your sink pedestal and come in a wide range of shapes and styles. You could also invest in a vanity unit which offers everything in one.

Above the sink storage

Similarly, adding storage above your sink is also a great way to keep cosmetics and toiletries organised without using extra floor space. Many sink organisers will come with shelving units, mirrors and even tech to create a more bespoke experience.


Offering a vintage yet modern aesthetic, bathroom trolleys offer convenience, flexibility and style. Crafted in a range of shapes, colours and materials, trolleys are typically made from plastic, metal or wood. These systems are ideal if you’re not wanting to keep all your products in one place and enable you to move them around and fit them into different spaces when required. For example, you could keep it by the sink when doing your morning skincare, or move it out of the way when you’re having a deep clean.

Wall storage

Instead of investing in a load of fixtures and units, use the space you’ve got. In a smaller bathroom where there isn't a great amount of floor space, the walls are a great alternative as they are sturdy and practical. Walls are ideal for hanging clothing, linens, accessories or other layers of storage such as bags. Other forms of wall storage include floating shelves, hooks, a towel ladder and internal shelving.

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IPS units

Although they’re not technically used as product storage, pre-plumbed IPS units are a great way to store and hide your pipework and electricals. Especially helpful for commercial washrooms, these systems are safe, efficient and convenient and could potentially be used as a way to store items if discussed with the designer.

Find out more about our IPS systems here.

Bespoke fixtures

No bathroom is the same which means that not all fixtures will fit your space. If you have a spare section of a washroom that would be ideal for storage but can’t find a shelving unit to fit, making or investing in bespoke fixtures is one of the easiest ways to make the most of your space. This could mean sending someone the measurements or going out and buying materials and finishing yourself.

Organising your storage

Even if you have your storage in place, these fixtures are useless if they’re not organised themselves. Having good storage in a bathroom doesn't just mean having enough shelves or baskets, it also means your items are easily accessible and allow for as much product to be stored as possible. When using storage such as draws, use dividers and baskets to stack and group things.

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Washroom refurbishments by Inspired Washrooms

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