The systems you opt for in a washroom are crucial in terms of usability, health and safety and accessibility. When it comes to hygiene, hands are a huge factor and should be considered when choosing vanity units, doors, flush systems, locks, toiletries and drying systems. When choosing which hand drying solution you'd like to opt for, you will need to consider things such as who is using your washroom, is it sustainable, does it fit into your budget and what benefits it offers to consumers and the business.

To help you decide, here are some of the main hand drying solutions on the marketing and the benefits they provide.

Paper towels

Going down the more traditional route, paper towels are probably one of the most hygienic systems when it comes to drying hands in a washroom. Not only is it ideal for one-time use, but sustainable efforts have also enabled businesses to invest in recycled and more eco-friendly towels. This method safely removes bacteria and can be thrown away straight after, meaning multiple people arent using the same one.

There are however a number of drawbacks to paper towels. This includes contamination when left uncovered or exposed, contamination of the atmosphere if not disposed of properly and environmental impacts.

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Cloths and towels

Typically used in homes or small commercial offices, cloths and towels should be used by a small group of individuals or changed out frequently. This method is ideal for removing moisture quickly and is also least likely to contaminate the surrounding area. Whether the towel is cotton or linen, they can be washed and reused time and time again, making them one of the best methods in terms of sustainability.

Warm air dryers

Found in high-traffic areas such as airports, schools, offices and gyms, air dryers are easy to use, modern and efficient. Although technology is working to improve these systems, many people are still sceptical about how effective they are in terms of removing bacteria. Air dryers also require consistent maintenance, especially if they are used frequently.

Providing a highly economical solution, modern air dryers now come with a wide range of new features and advanced settings such as touchless power to improve hygiene and reduce contaminants.

Find out more about sensored air hand dryers here.

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Jet blade

Similar to a classic warm air dryer, a jet blade dryer is a modern system designed with a sleek finish and effective results. Studies suggest that these systems are highly effective when it comes to removing germs and bacteria, also offering an eco-friendly option. They do however have a high risk of contaminating the wider surroundings and may experience pooling of moisture.

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Commercial washroom refurbishments across the UK

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Included in our process is the finished touches such as dryers, dispensers and fixtures, meaning we can work together the find the right solution for your business, employees or customers.

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