As a business, you naturally keep up with trends in terms of your industry, identity, marketing and customer demands. But have you also considered the importance of keeping up with trends in terms of your business's interior design and workplace? Some trends age better than others, and if it’s been some time since your office washroom was installed, it might be time to embrace some new ideas. If you’re in search of some inspiration, here are some design directions based on current washroom design trends.

Natural Materials

At the minute, we’re seeing a huge resurgence in natural materials within washroom design. For instance, the likes of wood panelling or stone flooring. Plus, lots of biophilic elements such as plant walls or natural air purifiers. There’s something both timeless and calming about using natural materials within the washroom design. In recent years, we’ve seen a lot of white and grey colour schemes, which when overused throughout the entire building can feel clinical. Instead, adding a touch of nature gives a more holistic feel and can invite a more homely feel into an office.

Did you know?: Here at Inspired Washrooms, our brochure contains lots of material types to choose from. Best of all, we can offer wood effect vanity units or cubicles without compromising on environmental suitability.

Curved Materials

Curves are officially in within interior design trends, and washroom design is no exception. Quite simply, curved shapes add interest to the eye. They can break up typical rectangles and straight lines to bring elegance to a washroom and just add a little unique touch. An easy way to incorporate curves into a washroom is by adding a statement curved mirror or sink basin. Some of our cubicle designs can also be curved, and this is a trend we incorporate into school washrooms as we understand the importance of adding that small special touch.

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Luxury Finishes

Gone are the days when office washrooms felt like 1970s throwbacks with their industrial, minimal design features. Many industries are now embracing luxury touches within their washroom design. There are a number of ways to make a washroom feel more luxurious, from the choice of materials to the colour palette, and of course by adding plenty of stylish lighting. Depending on your business identity and aesthetic, investing in a luxurious washroom might not fit your motives, but for large corporate offices and those who want to impress, choosing finishes such as late square tiles, LED lighting, gold or silver hardware and art features can make all the difference to employee and visitor experience.

Adding a pop of colour

Although this depends on a company's style and representation, adding a pop of colour to staff washrooms can bring a friendly, fun feel to an office and add something different compared to white walls and black computer screens. Many offices are now opting for patterned wallpapers, feature walls, coloured paint and artwork.


Finally, one trend no business can afford to ignore is the topic of sustainability. There are lots of ways to incorporate sustainability within washroom design. For instance, by using sustainable materials that have an infinite lifecycle, and looking to reduce water waste through motion sensor technology or recycling schemes. An added benefit for businesses is that sustainability improves your green credentials as a business, and can help to reduce running costs such as energy bills.

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