Picture the scene. You’re in a building whether it be a council building, healthcare facility, public transport hub, restaurant, office or retail outlet. Either way, you need to use the facilities and so you head into the washrooms.

Only, what greets you is a sorry mess. Dilapidated looking units, chipped paint on the walls, perhaps a bit of graffiti even. The toilets are mostly out of order, and the taps are leaking. What would your first thought be, especially in relation to that business or service you were accessing?

First impressions count for a lot, and so when it comes to having clean and pleasant washrooms – anything less simply won’t do. Otherwise, your patrons may think the following…

You Don’t Care About Your Customers

Harsh, but true! Given washrooms are a legal requirement in most settings, if your facilities leave a lot to be desired, then it makes your patrons question if their custom is valued or not. In private establishments, washrooms are a reflection of the brand. Similar to if a restaurant had a poor standard of decor and atmosphere, the washrooms matter just as much when giving a good impression.

In public sector environments such as healthcare facilities, it can raise questions about what public money is being spent on, especially if the washrooms are in a particularly bad state. So either way, not maintaining your washrooms, especially when they are long past their sell-by date never gives a good impression.

Accessibility Isn’t A Priority

Let’s not forget that there are a lot of people in society with disabilities, including those which may be hidden. Specifically, though, all washrooms should have provisions in place for wheelchair users and the visually impaired. Therefore, even if your washroom looks the part but doesn’t consider the wide needs of its users, it’s still not going to be up to scratch in the eyes of the public.

Consider the inconvenience it would cause for a wheelchair user if they needed to use the bathroom but they couldn’t access it in your building. Not only would it cause embarrassment for the individual, but would probably prevent them from returning. Many disabled people will also research the available facilities in advance, meaning you may be losing visitors thanks to your poor washrooms without even realising it.

The Building Is Unsafe

Dark, damp unsightly washrooms don’t create a welcoming environment for users. As a result, this can reflect badly on the building as a whole, leading to it feeling unsafe due to possible crime. Likewise, the safety of users can be at risk if the area isn’t clean, seen as various diseases can be spread through unsanitary washrooms.

Either of these scenarios is the last thing you want people to associate with your business or building. Instead, people want to be greeted by a bright and clean washroom that is in good working order. Using a neutral colour scheme, white bulb lights and updating worn units can go a long way to making the room feel safe. Not to mention conducting regular cleans and patrols of the space.

Commercial Washrooms UK

Are your social media reviews painting an unfortunate picture about the current state of your washrooms? Now is the time to consider a full refurbishment of your washrooms, to address any of the above points and more.

Inspired Washrooms installs commercial washrooms across the UK and London. If you’re interested in having a washroom designed and installed for your building, or if you require further help or advice on anything we’ve mentioned above, we’re here to help.

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