Every washroom needs an appointed person to oversee the daily running of the facility, to ensure it’s safe, clean and operational for your patrons to use.

While job titles will vary, a facilities manager oversees all activity related to a washroom operation. They may carry out all of the work themselves, or manage a general maintenance crew including the likes of cleaners, plumbers and electricians.

For those who are new to facilities management within a washroom environment, here are some of the main tasks that the appointed person will need to undertake.


Washrooms are subject to excessive use on a daily basis. As a result, your washroom can soon become the filthiest area of your building. Therefore, a facilities manager will oversee the cleaning rota of the washroom, to ensure surfaces and touchpoints are left hygienically clean.

Periodic deep cleans will also need to be scheduled too, including if there has been an outbreak of a viral illness in the building, or if the washroom facilities have been closed for some time.

Facilities managers will also keep an eye out for problems such as graffiti or damage to surfaces, along with mould or leaks – all of which can pose health and safety issues for your patrons.

Energy Efficiency

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Every time a toilet is flushed or light is switched on, it costs your building money. Older washrooms in particular will lack the latest in energy-saving innovation. It’s the job of a facilities manager to spot such problems and create solutions to overcome them.

For example, upgrading your washroom toilets would mean water-saving technology can be enabled, and any wasteful leaks would soon be eradicated. Even small steps such as using motion sensor technology will ensure no resources are being left to run when not in use.

Reports may also be generated for the building owner or manager to demonstrate the need for a washroom upgrade, along with information on the energy savings that have been made once the work has been completed.


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Just like a regular bathroom in your home, commercial washrooms are also prone to wear and tear over time, not to mention the odd need for a repair.

Some issues happen due to excessive use, such as a surface losing its sheen. Others happen due to faults within the system or even deliberate damage to the washroom itself. While the nature of maintenance issues vary, what remains consistent is the need for your facilities manager to get on top of the problem.

Wherever possible, facilities managers will tackle the issue themselves, and in other cases, professional help may need to be sought. In the meantime, alternative arrangements will need to be made, especially if the issue temporarily forces the closure of the washroom.

Waste Management

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Washrooms have several types of waste, including general waste, along with sanitary bins which will require specialist collection.

A facilities manager will need to oversee all aspects of waste management, as this is a key part of health and safety. They will also need to ensure the service takes place continually and will need to liaise with local waste collection services as part of their role.

As a side note, many washrooms suffer from the problem of the wrong items being flushed down the drains which block them resulting in costly repairs. A facilities manager will also need to look out for this happening within their building, and be quick to respond if a plumber is required to fix the problem.

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