A changing room is a versatile space that can enhance user experiences in various environments, from retail stores and gyms to community centres. While sometimes overlooked, a well-designed changing room can significantly impact the overall ambience of a space whilst also influencing aspects such as customer satisfaction, customer retention and business sales.

Designing a changing room requires a careful balance between functionality and aesthetics and should result in a space which is safe, practical and meets all legal requirements whilst also capturing the essence of a brand. From layout and lighting to material preferences and storage, we'll guide you through the changing room design process and all the essential features involved.

Benefits of good changing room design

  • Maximizing floor space
  • Creating a flow between different facilities
  • Promoting hygiene and safety standards
  • Optimised customer experience
  • Branding and business representation
  • Boost in sales and retention
  • Employee satisfaction
  • Privacy and accessibility
  • Effective maintenance and sustainability
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Key features of changing room design

Hygiene and safety

Any changing room must meet specific hygiene standards and be constantly maintained to ensure the space is clean, safe and healthy. In areas of heavy traffic, there should be practical flooring and materials in place, facility management practices, washroom facilities and safety precautions. When designing a changing room, choose materials that are water and detergent-resistant to ensure they are no slips but also avoid dampness and mould, especially in areas such as wet rooms and shower cubicles.

Hygiene and safety features included in changing room design

  • Metal lockers
  • Locks on doors and lockers
  • Signs and hygiene information
  • Ventilation
  • First aid essentials and assistance
  • Fire safety
  • Washroom facilities


Lockers and cubicles are in constant use every day which means all the equipment and features used must be durable and last years to come. They must withstand constant force, be anti-vandal, and avoid deterioration.


Aside from the practicality of a changing room, the aesthetics are also essential as this is a reflection of the business and will create an enjoyable experience for customers and visitors. Whether the changing room is at a health spa, local gym, or school sports centre, the space should be designed to help users relax and feel comfortable in their space. When designing the changing room it’s important to consider branding, materials, logos and values.


A changing room is going to be used by many different people, with many different needs, and it’s essential that these needs are met. Here are some key things to consider when implementing accessibility into changing room design.

  • Ensure enough lockers are available between 45-90cm high with a width of at least 30cm. 10% of all lockers must be full height (180cm) to allow mobility aids to be stored.
  • Section out zones and use signage to help navigation throughout.
  • Every same-sex washroom must have at least one WC cubicle suitable for the ambulant disabled.
  • Washrooms with 4 or more cubicles must have at least one enlarged cubicle with an outward opening door and grab rail.
  • Position locks must be positioned at 115cm maximum above the floor.
  • Locks and lockers must include embossed numbers so they can be read by sight or touch.
  • Using high-contrast colours to help assist with orientation.
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