Wet rooms have steadily been gaining popularity over the years, as they offer an alternative to a traditional bathroom that may prove more suited to your needs. As well as domestic wet rooms, it’s also possible to install a wet room in commercial washrooms. This includes the likes of hotels, schools or medical facilities. Once a room has been deemed suitable to build a wet room or convert an existing bathroom into a wet room, the only other thing left to consider is the cost.

Here is a rough guide of wet room costs to help you price up everything involved.

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What Is A Wet Room?

A great place to start is to discuss what a wet room actually is, along with how it differs from a standard bathroom.

A wet room is a bathroom area that has been made completely waterproof. It has a shower that sits at the same level as the rest of the floor, meaning when water runs from that shower, all of the water exits from one drainage point. With a wet room, you can customise every element of the space to feature as many or as few additions as possible. You might typically find these in leisure centres, homes, hotels or changing room facilities. For instance, the choice of whether or not to have a shower screen, or to have the shower completely open, seen as the water cannot escape anywhere else but down the drain.

How much does a wet room cost?

Wet rooms cost £3,500 to £10,000 on average to install. It is widely considered that wet rooms cost 20% more than a standard bathroom application. However, when completed to a good standard, they will add value to any domestic property or commercial building.

As with any other kind of building work, the true cost depends on both the scale and specification you want to achieve.

Some of the costs involved in a wet room include:

  • Preparation work
  • Labour
  • Flooring
  • Tiles
  • Drains
  • Bathroom fixtures
  • Construction materials
  • Skip hire
  • Accessibility features (if applicable)

It is wise to collect several quotes from trusted wet room installers to see if the price is consistent. You should also consider leaving a contingency in the budget for any unexpected expenses, especially if undertaking conversion work.

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Benefits of a wet room

Ultra stylish - Wet rooms can be completed to a very high standard and this includes the type of materials used to make them. This means you can choose luxury tiles, sanitaryware and finishes that will look just as high-end as a traditional bathroom.

Great for those with mobility issues - Wet rooms are designed for anyone, regardless of age or mobility. By eliminating the bath and adding in a non-slip floor, as well as mobility handles you can ensure dignity and independence for disabled users.

100% watertight - Ever experienced a nasty leak from your bathroom that went into the ceiling below? A wetroom, it is made fully watertight as part of the preparation work, meaning leaks are not possible.

Fully customisable - It doesn’t matter what size or constraints a wet room has, or even who it needs to be catered for. That’s because wet rooms are a blank canvas, and can be designed with your or your building users’ needs in mind.

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