One of the most important parts of any refurbishment and commercial interior project is colour. Whether it’s a patterned wallpaper or a solid colour all around, the final tone can have an impact on mood, lighting, space and the atmosphere of a home or workplace. Coming together with textures and fabrics, the colour of a bathroom doesn't just stop with the walls. It also impacts other decisions such as fixtures, accessories, decorative features and materials. That’s why we’ve put together this expert guide, to help you choose the right colours for your bathroom and create a space which is modern, practical and inspiring.

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How to choose the right colour for your bathroom

There are many different thoughts and factors that go into choosing the design for a bathroom. From the user to current trends, there are a number of different features involved in designing a bathroom. Here are a few useful tips to remember when choosing your washroom colours.

  • Apply the rule of three and use three complimenting colours that can be used for walls, accessories, flooring and fixtures. This colour either includes three different colours or maybe the same colour, in three different tones.
  • Consider the mood and environment as well as the people that will be using the space. Is it a home bathroom which will be used by family and friends? Or is it a retail washroom that needs to impress your customers?
  • Consider the size of your space. Colours can have a big impact on how big a space can look, and in most circumstances, you want it to appear bigger, so choosing lighter, less intense colours can help with this.

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Colour psychology for bathroom design

The biggest influence for choosing a colour is the mood and connotations it promotes. As bathrooms are typically smaller spaces, this colour is key to setting the right environment and fostering a certain emotion amongst customers, employees or guests. Considering the mood you would like to create is a great starting point that can then impact other aspects of interior design.

Here are some of the main emotions associated with colour.

  • Red: Excitement, strength, power and love
  • Orange: Confidence, bravery and success
  • Yellow: Positivity, warmth and happiness
  • Green: Natural, fresh, clean and safe
  • Blue: Refreshing, peaceful and hygienic
  • Black: Formal, secure, smart and sophisticated
  • White: Clean, simple and balanced
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Design themes for bathrooms

Picking a colour for a bathroom isn't as simple as just choosing your favourite one and painting. Colour schemes include every aspect of a bathroom and will influence other accessories such as blinds, towels, holders, mats and metal hardware. That’s why picking a theme to start with is always a step in the right direction.

Neutral tones

Choosing a neutral colour scheme offers a wide range of different colour options from browns to creams to pastels. The majority of these colours also complement each other well, meaning it’s easy to choose a wider selection and give your bathroom a more decorative feel. Not only do these tones offer a calming, relaxing feel, but they’re also timeless in terms of aesthetics and can easily be adapted over time if your taste changes.

Dark colours

Although many avoid dark colours, using these tones with contrasting accessories and neutral decorative features offers a powerful, modern look. Especially popular in offices and corporate buildings, using dark colours resembles a sense of sophistication and luxury.

Contrasting tones

Colour blocks and contrasts are huge right now in the interior space. Using bold colours such as yellow and orange with more minimal choices offers a great mix of high energy and calmness. If you want your washroom to make a statement and stand out in terms of design, using contrasting techniques is simple, fun and stylish.

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