Access to adequate toilet facilities is a fundamental human need and should be available in any setting, especially the workplace. In most cases, particularly in office surroundings, these washroom facilities are kept a priority however, not all workplace toilet facilities are created equal. In reality, some washrooms are not in line with basic standards of quality and safety which can then have an effect on employee morale, happiness and productivity. In order to create adequate workplace washrooms, businesses must consider bathroom design, hygiene safety, laws and regulations, lighting and ventilation.

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Why are workplace washrooms important?

Depending on how big a company is, the washroom is going to be consistently used, every single day, meaning it undergoes regular usage including fixtures, water and any accompaniments provided. Having these facilities provides benefits for employees, employers and any visitors or clients and not only creates a suitable office washroom space but also reflects the business values. A clean work environment, including toilet facilities, promotes a healthier space for all. Keeping on top of these facilities with cleaning measures or refurbishments will lead to a range of positive impacts both internally and externally. In some cases, poorly maintained toilets can drive employees away from a business or even lead to injury.

Here are a number of reasons why workplace washrooms are so important.

How do workplace washrooms affect employee satisfaction?

Workplace washrooms can have a significant impact on employee satisfaction and overall well-being. If employees are not satisfied with their facilities this can lead to low productivity levels, physical illness, discomfort, irritability and high turnover. But how do office washrooms affect employee satisfaction?

Hygiene and cleanliness: Keeping a clean and well-maintained washroom is essential for maintaining a hygienic environment. Dirty or poorly maintained washrooms will create discomfort whilst also posing health risks, illness, time off work and general unhappiness.

Amenities and supplies: Workplace washrooms must be well stocked with essential amenities and supplies including soap, toilet paper, hand dryers, and sanitary bins. Inadequate supplies or broken equipment can create frustration and inconvenience among employees.

Privacy: Providing sufficient levels of privacy in workplace washrooms is crucial for employee satisfaction as they will feel comfortable and respected while using the facilities. This can be achieved through locks, signs and soundproof features.

Accessibility: Sufficient availability of washrooms is essential, ensuring that each employee can access the facilities easily throughout the day. Read more on disabled washroom regulations here.

Aesthetics and branding: A well-designed and aesthetically pleasing washroom can positively impact employee satisfaction as features such as lighting, decor, and good ventilation can contribute to a more enjoyable experience and make them comfortable in their surroundings.

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Essential ways to improve employee washroom facilities

There are a variety of ways in which office washrooms can be improved in order to better a business and employee experience.

  • Regular cleaning and maintenance through hiring a facilities manager and team
  • Keeping supplies stocked up
  • Enhancing privacy features
  • Collecting feedback and requirements
  • Improving accessibility and inclusivity
  • Installing proper ventilation, lighting and heating
  • Investing in hygienic furnishings
  • Repairing fixtures and any damage

Office washroom refurbishment

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