Making a small space appear bigger is an interior designer’s dream. Whether it’s an office or home washroom, making the space appear larger won’t just look better, but can also help with functionality, safety and the overall atmosphere of a space. If a washroom is cramped, dirty and messy, it’s going to leave a poor impression on the user. Making a bathroom feel bigger will create an open, lighter feel and reflect positively on the home or business. Here are some key ways to make your small bathroom feel bigger.

Natural lighting

Letting more natural light into a bathroom will make the space appear larger as a smaller bathroom can often appear dark. This light will open up the space whilst also providing ventilation and air. Natural light can be let in through a bathroom window or skylight. Other tips for increasing natural light include repairing blinds, installing frosted privacy glass and keeping window screens clean.

If you don’t have a window in your washroom, have a read through our blog on how to ventilate the space properly.

Neutral colour palettes

Dark colours, contrasts and lines in a bathroom can make a space seem even smaller than it already is, so avoiding these features is key to making a washroom feel bigger. When designing and decorating a washroom, stick to light, neutral colours such as white or cream as this is light, open and fresh. It can also help to paint the ceiling the same colour as the walls as it’ll create a seamless finish throughout.

Get organised

Tidying up your washroom can do wonders for making a space feel bigger. Investing in good organisers, baskets, shelving or furniture will remove clutter, keep accessories organised and free up floor and wall space.

Washroom vanity units

Washroom vanity units can offer numerous advantages including storage and also hide plumbing or electrical work. Vanity units come in a range of shapes and sizes and can be built into a wall to optimise the space being used. Many washroom installers will also include an integrated IPS unit into the vanity wall. These systems offer easy maintenance, simple cleaning and safety solutions for commercial washrooms. To finish off, vanity units can be designed to tie into the surrounding environment and contribute to the overall aesthetic.

Use the same material throughout

Having a combination of materials throughout a washroom can result in a chaotic, cramped feeling which ultimately makes the area feel small. By toning down the aesthetics and sticking to a few material types, the washroom will feel lighter, neater and bigger. Whether your material of choice is ceramic tiles, wood or laminate, using this finish throughout will create a seamless look that doesn’t appear cramped or untidy.


You’d be surprised at how much a quick layout change can transform a room and make a space appear considerably larger. By moving around your fixtures and being more space efficient, you’ll open up more floor space and create an open-plan feel.

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