So that you can get the best experience out of your existing washroom, not to mention any you plan on installing in the future, a great place to start is to look at some of the most common washroom mistakes. That’s because by identifying where building owners are going wrong, you can be sure the same outcome will not happen with your washroom.

Inspired Washrooms are leading installers of washrooms across the UK. Here are some of our top tips for consideration while planning your next washroom project.

A Lack Of User-Friendly Features

Any number of aspects could mean your washrooms provide a less than satisfactory experience for users.

For instance, cubicle locks that do not lock properly might be down to the tiniest oversight in materials used or installation technique, though it can render the entire cubicle unusable. With the proper planning and design, not to mention thorough testing of each component before sign-off, such inconveniences can be completely avoided.

Let’s not forget those with accessibility issues either, who should take priority when designing any washroom. Ensuring everything is within easy reach for those who are impaired will ensure the dignity of your patrons with additional needs or disabilities.

If in doubt, conducting user surveys before a washroom refurbishment or consulting the HSE can help avoid any obvious errors that you may not even be aware of. Likewise, consulting a trusted washroom installer such as ourselves here at Inspired Washrooms can give facilities managers a thorough overview of everything that's needed to create an accessible washroom.

Too Many Touchpoints

Washroom technology has come on leaps and bounds in recent years, with touchless taps, toilet flush sensors and hand dryers a common feature in modern washrooms.

Aside from looking the part, touchless technology plays a huge part in keeping infections and diseases at bay, which as we all know can spread like wildfire within a washroom. After all, if a user has to touch a tap to activate it, and then once again after washing their hands, they are actually re-touching a surface that they (and others before them) have technically infected. The contents of the tap surface may be perfectly harmless, but without a petri dish at hand, can you be really sure?

When touchpoints are removed, so too are the chances that infections can be spread in your washroom. For what often involves a very easy installation, it’s well worth upgrading your washroom if you haven’t already. For the likes of healthcare settings especially, touchless technology is one of the best investments you can make in your building.

Waiting Too Long To Refurbish

As one of the most used areas of any building, even the smallest of washrooms are subjected to excessive use. So consider washrooms that are in the likes of retail units, transport hubs, healthcare settings, stadiums etc, where thousands of users may pass through the doors each week, and it’s no wonder older washrooms show signs of wear and tear.

There’s no set time limit on when to refurbish a washroom, though if yours is prone to regular leaks and faults, or if any of the fixtures and fittings have become visibly worn, it’s probably time to update yours!

A washroom installation is certainly a considered investment, but one which will offer the maximum benefit to all those who use the space. After all, it’s impossible to present a clean and inviting washroom if it’s well in need of an update.

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Luckily, when it comes to all things washroom mistakes you’re in the right place to avoid such hassles from the start.

Inspired Washrooms is a leading commercial washroom installer in the UK. We can help you plan, design and install all aspects of your washroom to ensure a successful outcome for your users.

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