Are you looking to upgrade your showerhead or have a full washroom refurbishment? When choosing the type of showerhead you want, you might be surprised at just how many styles and features there are. Whether you’re upgrading a set of hotel washrooms or just a family bathroom in your home, choosing the right shower head can lead to a blissful experience whilst also offering more functional and aesthetic benefits.

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The different types of showerhead styles

Fixed showerheads

A fixed shower head also named a wall mount shower head, is one of the most common styles, often found in homes and commercial settings. It's typically smaller in size and offers a solid pressure with a simple construct.

You can however also invest in multi-function fixed showerheads which allow you to change the spray patterns and water pressure.

Rainfall and waterfalls

While rain shower heads are essentially the same as fixed shower heads, they are much larger. Ranging from 6 inches and up, the coverage of this shower is much greater, offering a more luxurious feel and spa-like experience.

Wall or ceiling-mounted rain showers

Rain shower heads can be mounted from the wall or the ceiling, however, if you do decide to have the full effect of the ceiling mount rainfall shower head, you'll need to consult with a plumber or washroom professional to figure out the correct piping.

There is also the option of an overhead shower arm. These shower arms extend between 12 and 16 Inches from your wall and sometimes raise the height of the actual shower head.

Hand-held shower heads

Hand-held shower heads are the most popular type of shower head on the market as they’re super versatile and perfect for a range of different spaces and commercial uses. Usually sold in packages which include a detachable hose and holder to mount the showerhead, this style gives the freedom to leave the showerhead in a place or remove it off the wall to rinse the soap off your body and surroundings.

These shower heads are also great for washing children or pets or for cleaning and many other domestic uses.

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Duel shower head

Combining a handheld shower head with a fixed shower head, a dual shower is a great way to upgrade a shower experience with a quick and easy installation process. You'll get the fixed/rain shower head, hand-held shower head, hose and diverter mount included.

Filtered heads

Installing a filtered showerhead can benefit different people in many different ways. They can greatly the amount of chlorine, scale and hard water that waters down, helping with sensitive skin, certain hair types, allergies or even certain medical conditions.

Depending on where you live, a filtered shower head may be one of the best types of shower heads for you as some locations have denser water pressure than others.

Things to consider when choosing a showerhead

Depending on where you live, what property your in and who will be using the shower, there will be a number of things to consider when choosing a showerhead. This could be for changing rooms, private bathrooms or leisure centres, each one needing necessary requirements.

  • Shower head functions: what do you need the shower to do and what specific features are needed?
  • Style: think about what you want the shower to look like and what will fit in with the current interiors or match things such as tap styles
  • Material: make sure to choose something durable and reliable
  • Installation: Iis this a model that you can install yourself or do you need to contact professionals?
  • Maintenance: does the style require maintenance and if so, how much and how often?