Designing the sink or vanity area of a bathroom is one of the main features in a fit-out or refurbishment project and can help to create a particular vibe and style. Bathroom taps are one of the most used components in the space and are often required to accompany a sink, bathtub or shower room, used constantly throughout the day by multiple people. The tap you choose can depend on a number of factors such as colour schemes, function, design trends, user-friendliness and cost. Let’s take a look at the different types of bathroom taps and why each one might be best for your home or business washroom.

The importance of choosing the right tap

Whether it’s a single tap in a family bathroom or multiple vanity units in an office, a washroom tap is used constantly for a number of reasons. Aside from the aesthetics, the tap needs to meet the correct function and reliability, running on a high-quality water system. Many tap systems may come with additional features such as built-in soap dispensers, recyclability or auto heat and these are all things you need to consider before choosing the final tap type.

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The different types of bathroom tap


Another contemporary tap style is freestanding. Offering versatility and accessibility, freestanding taps can be installed with any freestanding bathtub or vanity, provided the plumbing can be directed to that exact area. A freestanding tap is a perfect option to add a touch of refined authenticity to a bathroom which is easy to maintain, clean and repair if needed.

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Monobloc taps

Monobloc bathroom taps are designed for basins and baths which feature a single tap hole only. Sometimes named a mixer tap, this style combines both the hot and cold water streams together, providing a comfortable, balanced temperature before reaching the sink area. This tap type is ideal for family households, schools or offices as there is a reduced risk of scalding hot or freezing cold water.


Most frequently found within UK households, pillar taps are supplied in a duo, featuring different valves for the control of water flow and temperature. These taps are suitable for bathtubs or basins that include two tap holes, one for hot water and cold water. Although this tap type offers a more traditional design, there are some more, up-to-date options for luxe bathrooms.

Deck mounted

A deck-mounted tap is traditionally paired with bathroom sinks or basins. Tap holes drilled into the rim provide the basis for the attachment and represent some of the very most popular models on the market. Investing in deck-mounted taps means you can select between single and double-tap versions depending on available space or usage, making it ideal for homes, offices or large commercial spaces.


Providing a space-saving solution, a wall-mounted tap is designed to emerge from the wall and hang above a sink, vanity or bathtub. This style is ideal if you’re looking for a modern, sleek and contemporary aesthetic.

One of the main benefits of a wall-mounted tap is the ability to maximise space but they also come with benefits such as easy cleaning, and a neat finish where all pipework is hidden behind the wall. This is also linked to the main drawback as repairs and maintenance work can be difficult to carry out.

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Popular tap features

As well as choosing the actual model and style of a tap, there might also be special features and accessories you need to add. These features are usually installed for reasons such as health and safety, user-friendliness, environmental targets or business branding. Here are some of the most popular features of a washroom tap.

  • Censored automation
  • Integrated soap dispensers
  • Recycled water systems
  • Lighting
  • Temperature control

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