Ensuring you provide employees, visitors and customers with clean and safe facilities is essential for any business or property. Depending on the nature of your space and where it is located, there could be hundreds or just a few people using your washroom throughout the day, meaning everyone will have different levels of maintenance needed to keep the washroom usable.

Whether you own a gym, school or small office, here is your essential guide to washroom maintenance.

What does a well-maintained washroom look like?

When it comes to washroom maintenance, there are a few important things that need to be checked off. These will ensure that the space is attractive, practical and safe for users as well as meets some of the rules and regulations.

Read more on the rules and regulations of an office washroom and disabled washrooms.

  • Well-lit with natural and electrical lighting
  • Ventilation
  • Stocked soap and sanitiser
  • Regularly cleaning schedules or facility teams in place
  • An adequate number of toilets and basins for the average number of users and the size of the business
  • Hot and cold running water
  • Full supply of toilet paper
  • Sanitary waste disposal bins in each cubicle
  • Hand drying facilities
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Tips for staying on top of washroom maintenance

Invest in facility management

A facilities management team will ensure that your space gets the required maintenance, on a regular basis. They will ensure that the space is clean and safe to use as well as make you aware of any work or repairs that need to be looked at. They will also keep your space stocked up with all the necessary equipment as well as other jobs such as emptying bins, cleaning surfaces and disinfecting fixtures.

Plumbing and electrics

Having a thorough inspection of your plumbing and electrics will ensure that any issues get seen to quickly or that any damage can be prevented beforehand. Washrooms are home to a vast amount of plumbing systems and wire work that may become damp, clogged or impaired over time. Keeping on top of these is crucial to ensure that your washroom is working properly, covering features such as taps, toilet flushes, drainage, hand dryers and heating systems.

Mould and dampness

There is no point in scrubbing and polishing a washroom if there are piles of mould left behind. Mould and damp are not only unsightly but can also result in other health issues and impact allergies and diseases. When working on your washroom maintenance, make sure to take all the necessary steps in reducing the presence of mould and dampness, keeping the space well-ventilated and safe for use.

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Refills and stock

Many public or private washrooms will ensure that their space is stocked up, using vanity units and storage solutions to keep things such as toilet rolls, soap and hand towels in a secured place that is easily accessible by cleaners, employees or visitors. These items will need to be stocked up regularly in busy places so there should be some type of routine surrounding them.

Interior design top-ups

Due to the nature of a washroom, many of these facilities may experience peeling paint or cracked tiles due to the constant moisture or even over use of the space. Although cleaning and maintaining your washroom will keep it user-friendly, there is always a benefit from topping up your interiors and improving the appearance of the room, especially if it is being used by customers, clients or employees.

Arrange regular waste disposal

Disposing of sanitary products discreetly and safely should always be available in your washroom. Having overflowing bins can instantly make your toilets unpleasant and also result in the spread of bacteria and germs. By organising a regular waste collection, you can be sure that bins are emptied on time and in an appropriate place. This disposal will also include any tissues or hand towels.

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Commercial Washroom Refurbishments across the UK

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